Posted by: thequaches | February 27, 2009

A great day to watercolor!

The weather has been just too beautiful to stay indoors.  But, we’ve also been out and about too often… So, we decided to stay home and play in the backyard!  I introduced the children to a watercolor resist art today.  Since Ethan was napping, it was an ideal time to get creative and messy — without the added set of hands!

First, we spent some time drawing a picture with crayons.  Morgan drew a butterfly — of course!  And I am sure you all can guess what Matthew drew… Lightning McQueen!

After drawing the picture and pressing VERY hard with the crayons, the watercolor was taken out.  Rules were reviewed – for Matthew’s sake.  (He actually did VERY well!).  Since he didn’t really follow the drawing instructions, I did not expect his to come out as planned.  But it sure pleased him to see his car being painted many different colors!

Then, they spent a few minutes wetting their drawing with wate.  Afterwards, they began the process of watercoloring.  I asked that they chose 2-3 colors, to keep the colors from overlapping too much and then turning black.


Here’s Matthew painting Lightning.  See the blue?  That’s Dinoco…  His cousin Peter would be so pleased!


Morgan’s picture turned out really nicely in the end.  She stuck with dark blue then making it lighter by adding more water as she painted.  The last bit of the picture was painted green for the grass .


And guess who woke up from his nap just as M&M were finishing up?  I had to carry him because before his nap I gave him a bath to clean all the dirt out of his hair!  He had a blast in the garden area digging and flinging dirt everywhere.  So, when he woke up and wanted to be outdoors, I didn’t feel like changing him out of his PJs.  He sat for awhile eating his snack, but wanted to see what M&M were doing.  For Vince’s sake, I should say that I didn’t carry him very long.  M&M were ready for a bath after their watercoloring project anyway.  (NOTE: Vince thinks I carry him around entirely too much and that he needs to walk to help his circulation.  When he comes home sometimes and I am carrying Ethan as I make dinner, guess what he says?  “Oh, poor Ethan, come on down and walk buddy.”  Poor Ethan?  What about my poor shoulders and back?!  He isn’t the lightest kid in the house anymore, ya know!!  Anyway, I just love it when he is so close to me… so it is SO worth the back pain sometimes!  Like the carrier?  It’s like a Kozy ( ) My mom made it for me!  She is so talented and I love her for it!  She made a matching one for my sister too.)


Isn’t he the cutest?  I love the new PJs from Aunt Carole!


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