Posted by: thequaches | March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Since his literature abounds in our house, we thought it appropriate to celebrate his special day with some reading, viewing (they watched Green Eggs and Ham and The Zax on You Tube) , art project, activities, and of course, chocolate brownies!  (Hey, any excuse for yummy “cake” is fine with me!)  

His books have always been a favorite in our house.  The first book read to Morgan was Oh the Places You Will Go.  That is a very inspirational book, don’t you think?  Matthew’s favorite is Green Eggs and Ham… although he refuses to eat it!  Hee-hee!  During the school week, we normally cannot eat a big breakfast, so I will wait to make green eggs and ham this weekend.  Ethan’s favorite book is the one about noses, although that’s not really a Dr. Seuss book — just a part of the cat in the hat series.

When Morgan came home from school we made a cat in the hat “hat.”

First, find a paper plate — any size will work (not the small cake plates, though)


Second, cut out the center according to child’s head — Matthew needed to have a larger hole cut out but I forgot to adjust it…


Third, get a large construction/thick type paper, cut little tabs at the bottom:


Fourth, cut out 3-4 red strips from construction paper and glue strips onto white paper:


Fifth, staple the tabs down to the hat (I tried glue and tape they did not work very well!)


And enjoy!!!!


Lunch not included…


Morgan read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to her brothers:


Then we had brownies!!!!  (See how Matthew is holding his hat?  It needed to be cut just a bit more…)  Wouldn’t you agree that with  Morgan wearing her scarf  she looks more like the cat in the hat?!  Vince and I thought it was a cute touch — her doing.   She loves this scarf her Dasiy troop leader made for her for Christmas.  (Speaking of Daisy troop, she will be selling cookies this Sunday at Babies R Us by our house if you’d like to swing by to say hello.  She will be too shy to ask you to buy any cookies, so don’t feel obligated!  She met her quota already — only because her auntie Heather bought 25 boxes!)


While the children played – I FINALLY finished Madison’s birthday gift (her birthday was December 10th!)


The inside….  If you saw it in person, you would not be as impressed!  I had a difficult time with this project.  I need to ask Amanda for help.  Amanda, if you are reading this — help!  Perhaps YOU can write a tutorial for me to follow!  PLEASE!!!


Oh, Morgan did a few paper activities — dot to dot, word search, and a maze.  


I hope you enoyed your Dr. Seuss birthday celebration.  We will continue to read more of his books this week.  And, I think we can come up with another excuse to have cupcakes… Did you see what the Crafty Crow suggested???  If not, see here:  I see lots of sugar in the near future!



  1. GREAT Dr. Seuss hats!

    I’m chuckling at being called out in your blog. I’m happy to help! I don’t need to write a tutorial, because I just use this one:

    Hope this helps! I am always happy to come over and help in person, too.

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