Posted by: thequaches | March 7, 2009

A quiet week…

Vince and I have been up super late editing videos so I have been too tired and unmotivated to get out of the house.  Sadly, the children have not had a lot of outdoor exploration time.  Fortunately for me, my children have been troopers.  They have not once complained… but have enjoyed the time indoors.  See what they have been up to:

Matthew has been working on spelling his color words.  So we are making a color book.  We have red, blue, and now yellow. 


His pictures are dependent on the magazine that arrives that week or what I am able to save before recycling.  I HATE saving magazine unless I am currently reading them because magazines are bulky and take up way too much space!  My favorite are Real Simple (thank you Carole!) and TIME (but that is expiring soon).  He wrote the words and I helped outline the letters for easier reading.


Finally, he found a picture that was not in the Right Start magazine!  And of course, Lightning McQueen is always near by….


Morgan and Matthew made a welcome home sign for Jim and Clare… 3 weeks in Brazil is a long time for them to be away from us!  The children have missed them so much.


Do you love his “balloons?”


While Morgan was in school, Matthew and Ethan played Hungry Hippo.  It was hilarious to watch Ethan try to play….


Try as he might, he could not get the hippo to open its mouth… so, he found another way for it to open its mouth!  What a smart boy, huh?  🙂  Matthew found it funny as well.


Morgan read a  lot to Matthew this week — Thank you Dr. Seuss for writing such simple books!  (I love the concentration on Morgan’s face and Matthew’s attentiveness!)


They have been using these wooden blocks everyday this week…. Here is the castle they all helped to build — Yes, even Ethan helped to put in a block or two.  Well, he also “helped” to demolish a few blocks during the construction process!  


And then Jim and Clare were coming home!  We put this sign up for them and went away.  Knowing that they would be tired, we did not stick around to see them…. M&M blew up those balloons!  🙂


We ended the week with more drawing…  Ethan loves his crayons and markers!  This week, his hands were red then blue, and today — GREEN!  But, no more markers in the mouth!  😉


Morgan is working on her sunflower drawing.  I think she is quite the artist!  By the way, her solar system poster is coming along fairly slowly, but it is coming along nicely!



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