Posted by: thequaches | March 13, 2009

A bit too clingy…

As much as I love the little one… he’s getting a bit too clingy lately.  I mean, it’s really pitiful!  I laugh at the end of the day, but while it’s happening, I feel terrible and somewhat frustrated!  

Case in point:  I needed to take out the trash this evening.  He saw what I was about to do, so he ran toward me and  grabbed my leg so that I could not leave the house!  I hobbled over to the glass door with him attached to me.  I eventually pried my leg away from his small, but powerful, grip… and took out the trash.  Come on, it’s trash day tomorrow so I HAD to take out the trash bins!  (Vince was busy reading M&M their bedtime stories and I was finishing up the dinner clean up task).  He screamed the ENTIRE time I was outside!  I could hear him from the street!  Poor Vince, he just couldn’t console the little guy.  So he left him alone by the front door.  He stood there, pitiful as ever… and made a mad dash for me as soon as he saw me open the glass door.  Eyes full of tears, nose full of bubbly mucus, and tears running down his chubby cheeks — I felt awful – so I HAD to pick him up immediately and put him on the kitchen counter next to me while I washed my filthy hands. The evening ended with a lot of cuddling and tight hugs.

Isn’t it crazy?  I’m sure one day I will look back and want this day to repeat itself… when he’s 15 and barely wants to be seen with me.

 Yup, I will cherish these moments of tears being shed for me as I take out the trash or leave the room to use the toilet!

Another case in point:   Last week he cried the entire time I was in the shower!  Can you picture it????  There I am talking to him as I shampoo… “It’s OK, Ethan, Mommy is almost finished.  See, I am putting a bit of shampoo in my hands and now I am going to wash my hair.  Mommy’s hair is very yucky so I have to clean it.”  I’m sure all he heard is what Charlie Brown usually hears when an adult talks to him.  “Wa, wa, wa, wa…”  Because all Ethan did while I spoke to him was bang on the glass door screaming, “Mama, Mama….” and his palms were pressed to the glass door asking me to open the door.  “Door, door…” So that day, my hair was a mess.  I skipped the conditioner and perhaps even the lotioning of the body!  I’m not even sure I washed off all the shampoo!  ARGH!

Again, I will cherish these memories.  I know that the day will come when he makes me drop him off at school a block away and makes me drive away before he walks to his friends…  Oh, that dreaded day will come, I just know it.  Until then, I will take the screaming… and the tears… and the pitiful Mama cries that he does to get me to pick him up.

His most popular requests these days, “Up, up…,”  “nilk, nilk,”  (translation – milk), “eat,”  “coocoo,” (translation – cookie), “down,” “Yo-yo” (translation – yogurt), “nack, “(translation – snack), “ju,” (translation – juice), and “wa-wa,” (I’m sure you got this one… in case you did not, it’s water).

Here’s the sweet boy eating his frozen yo-yo.  He now says cheese, every time the camera is aimed at him.  🙂


It’s been a nice week.  Ethan has a yucky runny nose thing going on.  His friend Addison has an ear infection.  Something might be going around – again!  A summary to come when I am able to walk away from the editor’s desk longer than 15 minutes.  Vince and I are on a roll!



  1. Oh Steph, I totally understand. It’s something only mommies go through! I don’t ever see Audrey or Nathan being so clingy to Eugene. Nope, I’m the one they cling to. I think that’s why I seem to be so much more tired than Eugene at the end of a day.

    Yep, those tears and cries all sounds too familiar! Glad you shared, I thought it was only my kids that can be that clingy. And yes, I too, sacrifice vanity for them. I don’t think I ever brush my hair on the days I’m off work unless Eugene is around…I barely have time to brush my teeth and pop my contacts in.

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned it before, but I think you’re a fantastic mom…super mom! I don’t know how you manage!

    • Isn’t it crazy?! I mean, I should be flattered… but after hearing it ALL day long, it just isn’t flattering! For once, it would be nice to hear them shout, “Daddy, I want Daddy!” I might regret just saying that out loud! YIKES!
      Thank you for your kind words, Shauna. I give you kudos for working outside the home and then coming home to work some more! I don’t know how YOU manage!

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