Posted by: thequaches | March 25, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Oh, how I LOVE Spring!  Although you would never have heard me saying this a few years ago when it rained and rained and rained….  I don’t really enjoy the rain.  I know, I know, we need it!  Well, I’m not complaining, not much that is.  I want the rain — just at night while I’m sleeping!  Isn’t that possible?

Anywho…it hasn’t rained.  The weather has been amazing!  So we kicked off the coming of spring by planting, wouldn’t you?

We started by preparing the soil.  Over the years we have planted and planted and have basically neglected our poor soil.  So, we replenished the supply by adding in more garden soil, potting mix, and steer manure.  M&M loved that!  Oh, the remarks they made…  “What, what is it??”  “How many more bags do we need?!”  “Do I have to touch it?”  (Morgan) “Hey, can I touch it?  Let me help you with that bag, Mommy?”  (you guessed that one, right?  Matthew!)  “Where is that smell coming from?!”  “Wow, that is a strong smell!”  And my favorite, “I’m glad I am NOT a dung beetle!”  Matthew loves that remark!  He repeats it often!  😉  He thinks it’s a riot that these beetles carry around this ball of dung for a snack!  HA!!!

So, enjoy these photos.  They will show you the love and the hard work we put into our garden… pretty soon a bountiful supply of goodness to enjoy!

Preparing the soil:march-24-gardening-003


Ethan’s version of “preparing the soil”


Planting her flower– Erysimum


Planting his Columbine


All three “busy”


Watering time


Matthew is watering the eggplants.  We also planted cucumbers and zucchinis.


Oh, guess who came home while we were finishing up?  So Daddy helped Ethan water the plants too!




  1. So cool that they can all work together…or at least work on their part. There’s no way I can manage Audrey and Nathan at the same time while trying to garden. Unfortunately, Nathan gets left out. I still find him eating dirt! Yuck!

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