Posted by: thequaches | April 3, 2009

A taste of “homeschooling”

Homeschooling… something I should’ve chosen to do with Morgan.  ARGH!!!  But this post is NOT going to be about my frustration with a teacher who should retire and enjoy her life, rather than babysitting my child at school and being paid more than me — for doing nothing!  But this post is NOT going to be about my frustration….  It is going to be about an insight I gained while Morgan was home, albeit sick.  Let’s just say she started using “home school” in a lot of her sentences this week!  🙂  

Bottom line — I really enjoyed having her home…  just wish she were well, rather than laying on the couch the first full day home.  The next 2 days thereafter, while resting her little body, we did a lot of learning together.  I think Matthew learned a great deal as well.  Although, he was getting a bit annoyed  with her.  Being home with Ethan and I is the norm when Morgan is at school.  Having Morgan home during that time has thrown him a bit off balance this week.  He was a bit more territorial but was surprisingly cooperative with her demands on him.

The children slept in (and even allowed me to sleep  a bit later while they played around me!  Sort of like Gulliver’s Travel!  🙂 ).  They were not anxious to do anything in particular, they just picked various activities and went at it.  (A lot of castle and fort buildings… which led to race tracks and train tracks… what a mess!  But so productive for them!)  Nothing was really “structured” until they became less patient with one another… normally a bit before lunch time.  

In the morning we were able to sit together and enjoy a few chapters of Little House in the Big Woods.  We even had time to discuss the events taking place, rather than postponing the questions and discussions for another time.  

After lunch, we sat for an hour to do “homework.”  Matthew thinks doing homework is the coolest thing!  (I know… crazy, huh?!  I should be so lucky… especially since Matthew is the way he is!)  Morgan was given “1st grade” homework this week — translation “more writing and more difficult addition problems.”  She wrote her first book report.  Well, she’s written a few with me… but this was “homework.”  She’s really good with her addition – that’s definitely Vince’s genes!  😉  For example, she was given a problem: ___ – 1=9, she didn’t really need to think about it, she just knew the answer!  I mean, I was preparing in my head how to help her solve that problem.  It turned out thatI didn’t even need to get creative.  What a relief — she’ll be giving me pointers before I know it!   🙂  While Morgan is doing her work, Matthew is either writing his letters, coloring various color and number pages, or putting his color book together.  He also likes to draw pictures and “sound” out words for me to write or spell for him.  

Their favorite part of the day is doing an activity — anything that involves coloring, cutting, colored papers, etc.   Since Easter is around the corner, we will be doing lots of egg activities!  

Anyway, posting photos has been a pain since Vince is on the computer the same I am… I like to use his computer to post photos and I use mine to write…

So, this post is going to be a story… an insight… I do have photos of the children doing “homework” together… I might add them later.  If I do not post this draft (2 weeks old!) soon… It may seem weird to move on to current events!  

Oh, we finished Little House in the Big Woods and just started reading Little House on the Prairie.



  1. C’mon Steph! You know you want to do it! Then we can have a weekly homeschool day and spend the whole day together!

  2. wow, I’m impressed! your kids are fast learners! audrey has her abc’s down but needs to learn to write them…still working on the letter A…numbers are still a struggle…she skips 14 and only counts to 20…

    as for nathan, still waiting for him
    to talk…

    wish you were here…I’d send my
    kids to you to home school! 🙂

  3. I think you would do an AMAZING job homeschooling Steph. You should definitely consider it. You’re a credentialed teacher, you know what is expected as far as school requirements, Morgan is NOT getting what she needs from school (at least this year)…Think about it. Or, finish off this year, and if you encounter the same problem in first grade, yank her out and do your thing! If she is bored at school now, what’s going to happen down the road when she gets into upper grades and mixes that with hormones?

    • Loari, Shauna, and Amanda, thank you for your votes of confidence! I think I will just let the rest of the school year finish itself. Morgan is enjoying being with her friends. Luckily, she is a fast learner and enjoys learning from me, as well as others. I really enjoy my time with her and wish that my full attention could be for her — alas, that cannot be with 2 younger siblings requiring my attention as well. I do the best I can…

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