Posted by: thequaches | April 8, 2009

Mama… are youuuuu????

Translation:  “Mama, where are you?”  (I could be standing right NEXT to him sometimes when he asks this!)

These are the words I hear ALL day… from the mouth of the little one… ALL day long!  Remember when I said he was a bit too clingy?  What comes after being a “bit” too clingy???  Anyway… that’s all.  He’s sick, so I suppose it’s allowed.  Really, it’s the cutest thing he can say to me… but just not ALL day!  

That phrase has now developed into, “Mama?  Are youuuu?  UP!”  So, he follows me around until I pick him up…  (Gotta love that Beco Carrier Amanda encouraged me to buy! ;))


Gotta love that little guy!  🙂


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