Posted by: thequaches | April 9, 2009

Lovin’ that “homework” stuff

Lately, Matthew has been “requesting” homework…  So, we’ve been doing some “worksheet.”  Today’s activity was based on following directions.  I read the directions and he followed — Color the scare crow suit orange.

He’s showing me here that he can “spell” the word orange so he knows that this color is orange (versus red orange or yellow orange).  Another “ah-ha” for him lately is that he can now tell me all the letters of the alphabet.  We’ve been working on letters – FOREVER – and just recently he declared that he knows them… So, teacher that I am, I brought out my test and tested him!  Sure enough, he knows 24 letters and 16 sounds!  That’s not bad for a 3 1/2 year old!  So many of my kindergartners could not do that at age 5!


I’m also noticing how much “neater” he is… this must the turning point in something, right?!


When Morgan came home, we had some quail eggs for lunch– thanks mom!  We boiled them just as any egg and enjoyed them in one bite!  As usual, they ate the white and I ate the yolk.  

Morgan is working on her photography skills here — action shot!  Matthew is always happy to oblige in such silly action shots.






  1. Awsome! You go Matthew!

    • Next week may not have the same results… so I am relishing in the moment…:)

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