Posted by: thequaches | April 9, 2009

One morning last week…

The boys at play…

Ethan made a few phone calls… hopefully not to Africa!  Do I have international coverage?  

On a serious notew — I now watch him when he picks up my phone… BECAUSE… one time (at band camp ;)) he accidentally called 9-1-1 on that darn phone!  The operator called me back and I felt AWFUL!  I rarely ever let him play with my phone but he tends to gravitate towards it when he’s bored!  YIKES!


Matthew built a race track — every race track needs a ramp, right?!  I wonder how the car is going to get up there?!  Oh, right… see the stairs he’s begining to build?  Hmmmm….


Then it was puzzles time…

Ethan by himself.


Matthew by himself.


Matthew thought Ethan needed some assitance….


Then it was back to independent time and puzzle pieces EVERYWHERE!


What was I doing, you ask?  Folding laundry!  Fun, huh??  20 mniutes later, it was time to pick up Morgan.  Time sure flies by around here!


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