Posted by: thequaches | April 9, 2009

Our homeschooling day….

Remember that post when Morgan was sick?  This is what we did the day after she was sick and was up and about.

In one day…

They learned about measurement…




architecture, (see how each level of their tower has a bedroom?)


Ethan built his own… errr, headphones?  I guess that would be science and invention!


Then we discussed money… how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies = one dollar bill??


They were each given some money and they (customers)  “purchased” goods from me (store owner).  We started out with 5 pennies each so they each bought a tootsie roll — they even bought one for Ethan!  When they earned more money(using the larger amount coins), the items to purchase were larger (ie for Matthew — a bowl of noodles!  and for Morgan, a cup of peaches!).


Next was another science (and art) lesson on seasons.  They made a spring tree….


Matthew’s leaves,


Morgan’s leaves… then they put pink blossoms on afterwards using the same tissue paper technique.


Morgan completed her first “official” book report.


Then it was art time!  In connecting with the seasons and spring event, we decorated eggs in celebration of Easter.  I found the idea from here:

Goofy boy….




This modge podge project was a bit messy….


Even Morgan had a hard time keeping the egg from rolling off her fingers!


Cute, huh?


I still have not found a “cute” basket… they are currently sitting in Morgan’s room in a strawberry basket!  🙂


It was a complete day for me!  We accomplished so much and I had A LOT of fun ( I think they did too)!  

I could do it again…



  1. If I keep hounding you about homeschooling, will you eventually relent? 😉

    Seriously, I’m enjoying reading about your activities. It makes me want to come over and join you.

    Kenyon especially loves the block tower with bedrooms. He said, “I thought Morgan didn’t like dinosaurs coming at her.”

    • Oh Amanda… why didn’t I just do it at the beginning when we first spoke about this?!!! I am so mad at myself… Alas, I think I need to just let her finish with her friends. I am frustrated everyday… especially most recently… but we can go into details when we see each other again.

  2. I started teaching Audrey about money too. She’s still confusing the nickel for the quarter!

    • Oh, please… Matthew calls the coins different names everyday! Early exposure is the key…

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