Posted by: thequaches | April 9, 2009

We’re on our way, we’re on our way, on our way to Emma Prusch Farms!

Morgan’s class went to Emma Prusch Farms  — we tagged along!

The boys on the tractor… because one of Matthew’s favorite scene in Cars is when Mater and Lightning go tractor tipping!


Matthew went on a hay ride with Morgan… 


Ethan and I stayed behind and watch the lonely cow.


Then Matthew waited in line with Morgan’s class to pet the rooster…


It doesn’t even look like she’s petting it since her sleeve is covering her hand!  I think she didn’t really want to…


After Morgan’s class field trip, we met the Tobler, Sripati, Malone, and Varnell children for our monthly play date.


Kelly Bond, I know you don’t read my blog, but if you did — this photo is for you!  (See, I let my children play in the dirt!)  Although I REALLY wanted to pick Ethan up and move him from the muddy, slushy, sand and water drip system area … I just couldn’t!  He was having such a great time just sitting there and taking it all in!  He was a mess afterwards!  My mom would NOT have let him sit there!  🙂


Marailee and Sharlyn took the bigger children for a hike up the hill… Ethan thought he could catch up….but changed his mind.


He’s back!



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