Posted by: thequaches | April 18, 2009

We’re baccck!

What an exciting few days we had in SoCal!  We drove late Friday night after dinner….5 hours later, we arrived in Pasadena.  The children fell asleep after checking out the hotel room.  Vince and I were too exhausted to converse with them!

The following morning, everyone woke up happy and ready to play — with Auntie Anita!  (Anita and I went to UCLA together and took many courses together.  We helped each other through some tough times in those classes!)  We drove to nearby Victory Park and had a great time at the HUGE playground.  We grabbed lunch at El Torito — yummy!  The children’s meals were free — imagine that, a free meal!  They had enchiladas, of course!  (anything with cheese and tortillas is a keeper with the Quach3!)




We just couldn’t get them to stand still!  Morgan’s doing her ballet thing… and Matthew, well.. he’s doing HIS thing!


After lunch, it was back to the hotel to quickly change, hop back into the car and off to… Gina and Bao’s wedding!  (Good bye Anita… it was so nice to see you!)

What a wonderful wedding it was!  Gina looked so beautiful and SO happy!  Lookie here… wouldn’t you agree???




The children were able to meet our college roommates:

That’s Uyen (with Ryan, Alex and James were home with grandma and grandpa), in the middle is Shauna (Audrey and Nathan were home with their grandma and grandpa too)


Left is Will, then Ed (married to Uyen — above), and Moses — Morgan took this photo (Will was almost cut off! Two more roommates are missing — Simon and Rommel)


After a long evening of fine dining and chatting (and a surprise song by Gina and Bao), thanks for the delicious dinner, Gina and Bao!  We went back to to rest and prepare for the next morning…. a brief encounter with the Easter Bunny’s treat….

(Ethan ate half the bunny before I could get the camera out!  What a lovely breakfast treat…)



After a yummy breakfast at the hotel, we drove to DISNEYLAND!!!  The children were SUPER excited.   So, Sunday found us at Disneyland ALL day… and I mean ALL day!  We were there til midnight!

Here’s evidence — get ready for some photo overload…  you have been warned, now don’t get upset if your eyes get strained and red after this post.  Just think — these are just a FEW photos.  I took at least 200 more!

Sleeping Beauty’s castle


Trying to pull that sword out of the stone:


Dumbo — Ethan did well on this ride!


Alice was making her rounds and we caught up to her for an autograph and photo!


Almost there for “It’s a Small World!”


Cotton candy… what more can you ask for???




Meeting the princesses:  Jasmine




and Morgan’s favorite — Ariel!


Hi Goofy!


A bit of fun in Mickey’s ToonTown:



While walking through Frontier Land we saw Chip and Dale — here’s proof that Vince was there too 😉

(Don’t know which one this is – Chip or Dale, but we met both!)



Rides at Disneyland we enjoyed:  Preates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Dumbo the flying elephant, It’s a small world, King Arthur Carrousel, Mad Tea Party, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Stprybook Land Canal Boats, Autopia (Matthew’s favorite), and Disneyland Railroad.

Monday we hopped over to California Adventures for the morning.  We returned to California Adventure after lunch from Tony Roma’s (we hadn’t had that in a LONG time!) in our hotel room.

More evidence:


Matthew and Ethan finally met Mater and Lightning!!!!



After meeting their favorite Cars characters, M&M went with Vince on “Soarin’ Over California.”  Vince informed me afterwards that I would not have survived the ride!  Apparently, they rode over California with their feets dangling the entire time!  YIKES!!!!!  It’s alright, Ethan and I had a great time walking around and “people watching.”

When M&M returned, we went to “a bug’s land” and watched a 3-D adventure movie, went on various rides: Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, AND Princess Dot Puddle park…


Where Matthew got wet….




Then it was back to Disneyland for a few more rides.  After the parade, we met our friends, the Sripatis and the Varnells for dinner at Milly’s Cafe…. and then it was back to spend our last night at Disneyland!  (The Sripatis and Varnells will begin their adventure at Disneyland and California Adventures the morning we leave for San Jose.)

Did you know that Tinkerbell had friends?  This is Rosetta the garden fairy… huh… didn’t know that!




Perfect… no one  in the background… now, how do you get 3 children to cooperate?  Well, you can’t!  Good enough!


And of course, we could NOT leave Disneyland without seeing Mickey Mouse!!!!  We waited patiently after the fireworks and guess who appeared???!!!  Well, we were first in line to take photos!


Poor Ethan could not make it… he is on my back, sound asleep!


But he eventually woke up after we went on a few rides… and enjoyed one last ride on the carousel!


Farewell Disneyland!

Tuesday, we all woke up late…. it was nice to sleep in as a family.  Then we were all packed and ready to head back to San Jose… but not until we stopped in to visit my dear friend, Jill.  (Jill and I were both Sociology majors at UCLA.  We took some eduction classes together as well…. with her NOW father-in-law!  That’s another story altogether!  Anyhow, we took MANY course together.  She always thought I talked waaay too much… hmmm, can’t imagine why she thought that!  🙂 )  Her precious Dana was asleep so we couldn’t see her.  (insert very sad me here….)  It was a very quick visit — a pit stop really.  It was nice to see Jill 8 months pregnant and ready to pop!  Come on, baby boy Barbee!!!  Let the party begin — tax day is over!  🙂  Come out and play!

No photos…I was too busy chatting and trying to catch up on how Jill and David were doing since we last saw each other — almost a year and a half ago!  The children were too busy digging up her front yard, picking “berries”, getting dirty, and pulling weeds… They almost hired them on the spot to be their gardeners!  Alas, I need them to dig up OUR weeds at home!  😉

10:30 PM Tuesday night….home sweet home!

It is nice to be back home.  As much as we enjoyed “the happiest place on earth”… home is always the best place for us!  The children are still trying to adjust back to a normal routine… they have been waking up later than normal!  (They stayed up til midnight both Sunday and Monday while at Disneyland!)

Morgan starts school again on Monday… boo hoo!



  1. My goodness, your vacation here was not wasted! Looks like you really maximized your time at Disneyland! Wish we could have gone with you guys!

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