Posted by: thequaches | April 20, 2009

Building a tepee…

This post has been in the “draft box” for awhile…  My editing computer is busy, so I can’t edit right now… So I will catch up on my postings — here goes!

Before Jim and Clare left for Brazil Matthew built a tepee in their backyard.  The weather wasn’t very cooperative while they were away, so we could not really return to work on it.  SO, upon their return… Matthew and Morgan went right to work.  With a bit of help they built a tepee that fit the 2 of them and a visiting little one….

We have also been reading Little House int he Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  They have really enjoyed the book.  I am a bit surprised that Matthew has been interested in the book.  He actually sits with Morgan and I during story time and really listens!  SO, why am I telling you this?  BECAUSE it’s my blog posting!!!  No really, because after they finished building their tepee, they re-enacted bits of the story!  It was so wonderful!  Matthew found a stick and called it a rifle.  He put it over the tent so that he could use it if he saw a bear or needed to shoot a deer for food, just like Pa.  He also asked Clare for a lantern to hang in the tepee so that he could see at night when he went to check on the cows!  Morgan was Ma, she mostly did a lot of chores — her favorite was making butter!   Very cute.

Anyway, they had a lovely time in the backyard playing in the tepee.  And it was nice for me to watch them act out a story that I really enjoyed as a child.  I remember as a child reading the entire Little House series because my mom always made me read.  She felt it was the best way to keep me busy each summer while learning the English language.  Thanks Mom!  Thank you for encouraging me to find a hobby that I continue to enjoy even NOW.






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