Posted by: thequaches | April 20, 2009

Off the beaten path

Another post in the draft box… Sorry Matt!

On Saturdays I like to take the children out for a walk.  Matt and Mom have been accompanying us….  

One day we, no, MATT decided to take the children off the path…  

As they say, sometimes the road less taken leads to some great discoveries.  

See here:

I know, I know, poor Matthew looks ridiculously SMALL edited to say he looks ridiculously LARGE in that SMALL trike!  We just bought him a new one this weekend… a 16″ big boy bike and he is LOVING it!


And there goes Matt, leading the “parade” off the bike trail…


Gotta skip rocks when there’s water and pebbles around — even Ethan got in on the action!


Enjoying some quiet time with Uncle Matt…



Inspired by Clare’s St. Patty’s Day dinner, we ended our weekend with a lovely corned beef and cabbage dinner with Leo and Matt…Cheers!



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