Posted by: thequaches | May 5, 2009

Freezer paper T-shirt revealed!

Matthew was so excited to see his new shirt completed!  He helped me tear off the freezer paper, which was ironed on to the front of his shirt.  We also removed the freezer paper from the inside of his shirt. 



His exact words? 

“Mommy, that is so COOL!”

He wore his shirt today and made sure everyone whom he spoke with knew that he painted his shirt all by himself!  🙂

I think he wants a rocket ship on the back… this weekend!

You will see Morgan’s later — she was in her school uniform and did not want to put her shirt on.

BTW, be sure to let the shirt dry completely and then wash in cold water afterwards before wearing.  I let Matthew wear his today – knowing that it would get dirty and would end up in the wash anyway…

In case you mistook me for a very crafty person, I will give full credit of this project to a person whose blog I have been following since April 2008. her name is Amanda Blake Soule.  I purchased her book called The Creative Family.  It is a very inspiring book.  If you live near me, let me know and I’d be happy to share the book with you!



  1. You are such an AWESOME MOM!! I’d love to borrow that crafts book by Amanda _____. I told Wes about Vince. We are due for family picture. If not this month then June for sure. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Let’s do it! 🙂

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