Posted by: thequaches | May 6, 2009

Children’s Faire

Vince was up late the night before…. editing (so was I, but that’s the life of a mom!)… so we left him to his dreams and went downtown to the Children’s Faire.  It is held every year about the same time to promote awareness of activities and  support groups for children in the bay area.  It was not very busy this year, but we had a great time.  We took the light rail with Ma in tow… we forced her to come!  Matthew loved sitting in his own seat on the “light rail train.”  Ethan kept saying, “Choo choo, choo choo!”  Morgan was able to press the button to request a stop — but always a bit too late, someone else always beat her to it!  But we pretended it was her that pressed the button!  We arrived as the vendors were still setting up and left when the vendor were packing up!  It was a full day!

Here they are in front of a fire engine — in honor of our hockey team!


First activity — an art project requiring permanent markers and rubbing alcohol!  We will be working on this project in the next week or so — so stayed tuned!  It’s really cool!


Matthew LOVES the jumpy house– he is not the least bit shy to go off on his own!  Morgan and Ethan are with Ma watching a show on stage.


This was hands down their favorite activity of the day — the parachute game .  I think it must be because of Auntie Anita’s parachute gift way back when… they knew exactly what to do (even Ethan!)!


Morgan was very helpful!


Matthew kept running in the middle and getting lost in the waves!


Picture time…

Love the expression… on the frog, that is!


Not sure about riding this rabitt….


Go raccoon, go!!!


Before we left, Morgan was able to receive a free autographed book by this author.  I have never heard of her — but a free book is a free book!  🙂


They were able to do so many activities today — planting, coloring, drawing, beading, stickering, play doughing, running, and watching a few shows om stage.

I’m looking forward to next year when Ethan is more independent!


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