Posted by: thequaches | May 6, 2009


warning — text overload…. I also did not check for spelling… text overload!

7:00 AM — M&M snuck into our room and crawled into the sleeping bag that they agreed to go into if they decided to visit us while we are still sleeping.

7:30 AM — “Mommy, wake up… milk please!”  Well, at least please was used in this request!  I was up and milk was warmed up.  M&M were both nursing their warm milk while I brushed my teeth and got ready.

7:40 AM — Matthew gets dressed.

7:45 AM — Ethan is finally up!  He never sleeps this late!  Morgan gets dressed.

7:45 AM — Morgan eats her breakfast.  Today it was strawberry oatmeal.  Tomorrow will be toast and nutella with some peanut butter for protein.  Ethan is changed and dressed.

7:59 AM — “Get ready to go to school!”

8:05 AM — “We’re going to be late!  Let’s go!”

8:07 AM — out the door, into stroller, and off to school.

8:14 AM — one minute early!!!  I am a sweaty mess though!  My jacket is off and I am trying not to show how tired I am from that brisk walk to school.  I need to get back into shape!

8:15-8:45 AM — chat with other moms… about how much we hate “that” teacher!  Oh, we were informed today that we have been labeled…”The Four Moms.”  I kind of like it!  Another mom and I were discussing making shirts and wearing capes…”the four moms, off to fight crimes… against lazy “teachers” who don’t know how to do their job.”  It is so crazy!  At first I felt sorry for her, now I just hate her!

8:50 AM — walk back home.

9:00 AM — eat breakfast with boys.  Today MD wanted to have eggs and I informed him his choices were either cereal or oatmeal.. he declined to eat.  E and I had cereal, then he had oatmeal (left over from MG), and a banana.  That boy loves breakfast time!

9:30 AM — feeling lazy but cleaned up the kitchen… E used the potty and always cheers himself on when “it” comes out.  That is my cue to come get him and wipe… LOVE it!

9:45 AM — still feeling lazy — so MD and I made a race track…  he made it so McQueen could jump off a ramp and fly over a few cars!

10:00 Am — MD is “bored” of race track so we built a train track.  He wanted it to go around the entire kitchen but we do not have that many tracks!  He settled for a round track… E, MD, and I rode our trains around the tracks.  I then snuck away to have a cup of coffee and folded some clothes.  Yes, my latest addiction is coffee.  Not sure I can make it through the day without it now!

10:45 AM — realized that I did not go to the store as I had planned… so began to pull a few things out of the freezer for dinner tonight.  Um, if you are not familiar with the vegetables, you may think it’s gross… tonight’s meal is going to be steamed white rice with stuffed  bitter melon soup (I stuff it with ground turkey, some vermicelli noodles, and thinly sliced mushrooms) and ground turkey stir-fry with canned baby corn and fresh spinach.  The children did not like the soup (surprise!) but they loved the stir-fry — lots of soy sauce and oyster sauce in the seasoning!

11:15 AM — gathering stuff to make lunch — today is mac and cheese day.  I make it from whatever short noodles I have on hand.  Boil in salted water, drain, add shredded cheese, some milk and butter.  The all LOVE this dish!  Matthew had a huge bowl — becasue now he is starving… gee, I wonder why???  I packed MG’s up to take to her Daisy Troop meeting.

11:30 AM — gathering all the things I needed to get the boys out the door on time to pick up MG.

11:35 AM — E proclaims very loudly that he has to “pee pee” AGAIN!

11:45 AM — “MD, are you ready???”  “NO Mommy, I need to play with my cars a few more minutes!”  “No, now, let’s go!”  “O…K….” ( as he races a few more cars around the couch!)

11:55 AM — shoes on,  juice in hands, lunch box in tow, camera, out the door and into the car!  Must drive today since we are going to meet Danielle at the park after Daisys.

12: 10 PM — thought we were early, but forgot it was Tuesday — early dismissal day for the entire school… we were the last car in the lane.  Hope this will do until 2:00 PM, as today I am volunteering mom with MG’s Daisy troop.

12:12 PM — walking down the hall and a nice gentleman stops me to say how cute E is… “thank you,” I replied…”but looks are very deceiving.”  He laughed at me… It’s true!!!  Why were they laughing at me?!

12:15 PM — MG is not out yet….

12:17 PM — I opened the door and pulled her out.  She needed as much time as possible to eat her lunch because she’s so dang slow when eating at school!

12:20 PM — help Daisy troop set up room for Mother’s Day craft.  I will show you all what MG made — very cute — and… it’s cheap!  All items bought from the Dollar Tree or Michael’s.

I will spare the details from 12:20 – 2:00 PM where MG does her Daisy thing and the boys are trying so hard to be well behaved in the classroom!

2:15 PM — gather belongings and head to car…

2:20 PM — car is still there, no ticket, and no more dents!  I say MORE because I think someone nicked my car last time when I was parked in the same area!

2:30 PM — in car seats, hands wiped, snacks passed out, juice given out…prepare for E falling asleep… so changed diaper before putting him in hi seat.  Drive off to the Rose garden.

2:45 PM — arrive at Rose Garden to meet Danielle and her girls for a stroll around the garden.  E had fallen asleep.  Stroller was taken out, reclined, and blanket out for coverage.  Unbuckle M&M.  They waited quietly outside of the car while I got E out and into the stroller.  Still sleeping…

3:00 PM — They loved watching the planes fly overhead and the tall hill that they ran up and down for at least 20 minutes.  The roses were in full bloom.  MG took tons of pictures — I can post later for you all to see.  I think she has potential!  Daddy will be very proud!

3:00- 4:00PM — Ran around the rose garden.. until it rained on us!  E woke up somewhere in between there and joined us for a stroll around the grounds.

4:15 PM — in car, buckled, milk distributed, small snack passed out, and off we go HOME!

4:30 PM — promises of baking cookies were made… so I had to follow through.  All ingredients were taken out while M&M washed hands.

4:40 PM — ingredients were assembled and the dough was made… now the wait!

4:50 PM — cookies out.. cooling….

4:55 PM — “NOW?”  “NO!”  “NOW?”  “NOT YET!”  In the meantime, I am getting dinner prepped. E is sittiing ont he kitchen counter having another banana and watching the fish swim around.  A report is given every now and then, “Fisss, Mom, Fissss.”  Yes, a new phase he’s going through… he now calls me “Mom.”  HATE it!!!!

5:00 PM — everyone is given a cookie… or 2 while dinner is cooking.. .

5:05 PM — E is a mess… guess what?  BATH time!

5:15 PM — E is out of bath, dressed… M&M are still playing.  They are building castles, towers, and whatever else they can think of….

5:30 PM — soup is boiling, spinach is almost cut, garlic sliced, corn ready (it’s from a can!)…. oil in pan and waiting to heat up then in goes the garlic, wait for it to brown.. then in goes the ground turkey, cook that thoroughly, throw in corn, and lastely spinach — season with salt, pepper, a bit of sugar, soy sauce, and oyster sauce… taste… good enough!  Transfer to plate — lower soup and let it simmer….

5:45 PM — join in tower building game with M&M

5:50 PM — guess who’s home???

6:00 PM — gather children, wash hands, into seats, table set, EAT!!!!

6:00 – 6:30 PM — dicuss day with Daddy — see above but in less details!

6:35 PM — beg MG to eat one more bite before she can have cookies for dessert.  Quach3 eat their cookies.. then M&M are off to their baths while I clean up…oh, the mess! Under the table — enough rice to feed a village in Cambodia!

7:00 PM — bed time story.  Today it is Bear Snores On… my all time favorite — by Karma Wilson.

7:15 PM — brush teeth…

7:25 PM — in bed….

7:35 PM — M&M are sound asleep… E is still jumping on me and sneezing on MG!  (Yikes, that boy needs to be taught some manners!)

7:35-8:00 PM — I fell asleep….

8:05 PM — E is finally sound asleeep!

Off to the shower I go!

Now… MY work begins!

Wow… what a busy day!

and now for tomorrow —

We are going to the Oakland Zoo with Amanda and children!



  1. Yikes! I’m exhaused just thinking about your day yesterday.

    • me too! someone told me to write down my day at least once in a while to see for myself why I am so tired… holy moly!!!! i think i see why now! oh well…. the life of a crazy mom! ;0

  2. How do you do it? And how is Ethan already potty trained? Are you some kind of Mommy genius? 🙂

    • i do not take credit for E being potty trained… personally, I am NOT ready — so he is still in diapers! He tells me when #2 is about to occur consistently. I’m not sure HOW — perhaps watching M&M? As for pee-pee, it’s pretty random! I am just lucky with him… maybe when you have #3, we can compare notes! 😉 How’s #2 coming along??? Still baking in the oven?

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