Posted by: thequaches | May 12, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Dear Mom,

I don’t tell you this often enough… and I should…  I LOVE YOU! 

I love that you are always there for me.  

I love that although you disagree with me (and that’s pretty often, I know!)… you still listen to me and feign interest/support.  😉  

I love that you always come over and make the children laugh.  

I love that you are honest… (sometimes TOO honest)!  🙂

I love that you applaud ALL my awesome garage sale finds!

I love that you can eat almost anything I make you!

I love that you never complain about my messy house… you just clean it!  🙂

I love that you help me even when I don’t ask for it.



(Photo below taken by Matthew… not bad!  Daddy will be proud!)


My beautiful Mom, who is often mistaken for my sister… 🙂


Ma and the children who love her so much… minus one, who was resting in the car with Daddy.


The sacrifices you made so that I can be here today to celebrate Mother’s Day with you and my 3 beautiful children… I can never thank you enough.  One day, they will know the stories (because there are MANY!)… the true sacrifices you and dad made in order to escape the killing fields of Cambodia to come to America.  You’ve worked hard your entire life… I hope that I can somehow repay you for all that you’ve done for me.  Until then, I can only tell you in words how much I appreciate you and love you for everything you’ve done for me.  Thank you!



  1. Very heartfelt and sweet. I’m tearing up and I’m sure your mom loves it!

    • I hope so too… because I find that I do not tell her how I feel often enough.

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