Posted by: thequaches | May 14, 2009

My personal super heroes!

I must preface this with a story:

My friend, Loari, has always been known in our household to buy our children some awesome outfits.  One Christmas, she bought Matthew a Superman pajama set.  He loved that thing to death!  Mostly the cape that was velcroed on the pj set… — I didn’t think it would survive for Ethan to wear!  But it has lasted and guess what I pulled out of the bin the other day?  That very same PJ set — I should have taken a picture!  Next time!

So, Ethan was wearing this cute thing and M&M asked if they could have one.  One what? I pretend to feign ignorance.  One of those flapping things!  A cape?  Yes, a cape!  Sure, why not?  So out came the fabric and the sewing machine that has been put away since Christmas and only comes out when I need to sew MG’s Daisy Troop badges!  Six hours later — Yes, 6 hours!!!!  Why?  Because I had to go and bring out my grand idea of the freezer paper stencil thing… So here you  go, my friends… My 3 personal super heroes!  (Well, Super  Baby does not have his Batman logo yet!)

Trying them on for size…  I told them they had to  model the way super heroes fly!  😉


Superman MD is showing off his strong muscles!


Wonderwoman MG is having such a great laugh here!


Trying to be serious here… MG is failing miserably! 😉


Now off to do some super hero “stuff.”  WW aka MG is reviving my poor plants from the heat!


Super Baby (soon to be Batman) testing out the cape… able to leap over the grass in a single bound?  Hmm… not really!  But worth a try!  Go, go, go!!!!


Of course, every super hero needs a hug from his Mommy, right????

May-12,-2009-Superheros-030By the way — the shirt in this picture… another awesome gift from Auntie Loari!  See, what did I tell you about her???  Thanks Loari for dressing my children!  🙂



  1. Happy to help 😉 I feel so special…mentioned two times!!

    • feel it… ’cause you are!!!!! 🙂

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