Posted by: thequaches | June 7, 2009

A “quick” update…

I had a stressful week that one week… and just needed to rest, so I took it.  Now, I still feel behind… but I needed to step back a bit.  Anyway, here is what we did since the last post:

I say “quick” because you know nothing is really “quick” with me!

We went to Half Moon Bay’s Marine Refuge on May 17, 2009. Jim, Clare, Corinna, and the Yeh family joined us.  We had a wonderful time!  The weather was perfect and we were there while the tides was low!  Well, truth be told, Vince did his research and made sure we were there at the right time.  He’s really good at that.

Look how low the tides were!  There were a MILLION mussels — REALLY!  (You know what I was thinking right?  Get a bucket and put these bad boys in with some white wine and chicken broth!)  This photo below is courtesy of Jim. Matthew is not quite sure about the low tides thing — he kept asking Vince to take him back to the beach part.  When did he have a fear of the tides?!

See the above picture?  Jim took a picture of Vince taking a picture of this:


Here is Vince holding a hermit crab — they were everywhere!

Ma and Matthew checking out the tide pools…

Here’s a beautiful red crab!


Here I am with Ethan (to the left so he’s covered by me…), Matthew, Clare, Vince, and Corinna – photo courtesy of Jim.  We are checking out this small pool of water with 5 small crabs swimming around with about 5 small fish!

Back at the beach, Morgan and Alex had built this cool sculpture using the shells and twigs they found along the beach and tide pools excursion.


Ethan loved the sand!


We did some kite flying — the weather was perfect for it!


I found this cheap kite in the garage so I wasn’t sure what would happen to it… Ed and Vince had a heck of a time figuring out how to  make it fly.  End result?  I think we chucked it!


So right where we picnicked we looked out to the ocean and all these harbor seals were out sun bathing.  The SECOND we packed up our gear to load the car, guess what they decided to do???  They decided to go onto shore!  This is what we see from our hike to the vista point.  See that tree branch sticking out to the left of the photo?  That is the spot where we picnicked — I KNOW!!!!  That is how close we would have been to them if we did not leave!  But the area was sectioned off by cones — so we would not have been able to get close anyway!


Up to the top of the cliff and the vista point… out regular  family photo spot:

(Love Matthew’s expression, don’t you?)


Jim took this photo — my cutie pies!


Here we are with the Schoenfelders and mom:


Here we are with the Yehs and mom:


Ethan napped for a few minutes along the drive to Half Moon Bay and did not nap while we were there… Guess what happened?  He napped the entire way home, was transferred to this chair in the living room, stayed asleep in the chair while we all ate dinner, and then he woke up long enough for a bath, a quick meal and then he went right back to bed!  What an exhausting day!!!!!

Garden update:  May 25, 2009

the zucchinis are growing!!!


the beans are growing!!!

but the cucumbers are slowly coming along.  I had to replace one plant with another…


We had our usual visit with JIm and Clare, but this Thursday, M&M did a bit of work!


the reward?  The children were able to sit in the newly washed car in the drive way!


On May 26, 2009, Morgan had her Open House performance.  She sang a few songs on stage.  She even danced the Mexican Hat dance with her friend, Owen, as her partner!  It was really cute — I thought she was so nervous that she might actually throw up!  She didn’t!


Then she dragged me on stage with her to dance the Macarana!  Imagine, me dancing… not a pretty sight!  I had the camera in hand to use as an excuse NOT to dance!  🙂


On May 29, 2009, Morgan received a reading award.


On that same day, a few hours later, Matthew finished off his karate class and received a new belt!


They are warming up here:May-29,-2009-Matthew-karate-last-day-003

He’s receiving his certificate here — they were instructed on how they should EXACTLY approach their instructor to receive their certificates.


He was proud!


On June 2, 2009, Morgan ended her Kindergarten year with her Daisy troop.  They had an amazing tea party at her troop leader, Cindy’s house.  Cindy spent along time planning this event with co-leader, Melinda, and it was obvious.  The house was beautifully decorated, there was plenty of yummy food, AND the event was JUST for Moms and daughters!  My friend Kelly watched the boys for me while I enjoyed 2 1/2 hours in the company of some amazing moms and their daughters.

Here are the girls being very lady like:


And not so lady-like….


The girls enjoyed dipping their feet into the pool.  2 of the 8 girls went home sopping wet — Morgan was NOT one of them! 😉


On June 4, 2009, Matthew ended his soccer class:


Then after picking up Morgan from school that very same day, we went to Jim and Clare’s… to pick berries!  These berries are so yummy!


These are NOT ready…


But these are!


Ethan enjoyed them VERY much!!!!


He made Jim work!


Morgan and Clare spent some quiet time playing music without the boys:


And now.. to catch up finally!

Today, June 6, 2009, the children woke up early and went for a bike ride.


Matthew got a bit tired….


Then we went to visit the Sripatis and had a wonderful lunch together.

Ethan suckered Marailee into peeling him some nuts…  Those big eyes are good for that!  😉


Matthew relaxing with his yogurt:


While Morgan and Vince enjoyed a game of ball with Srikanth and Kiran.




  1. You must have gotten some energy from all that going to bed early! You’re making me tired just reading this!

    • I wish! Surprisingly, all that sleep really didn’t improve anything — I was still tired the next day and drinking just as much coffee as before. I think you have to get back on a “normal” sleep schedule for a long time before it actually makes a difference! 🙂 Trust me… I was tired through a lot of those activities!

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