Posted by: thequaches | June 8, 2009


I think I complain too much about the children… because I had a dentist appointment today at 10:00 AM and the boys came along.   Now that I am home and thinking about my morning, I should be more appreciative of their behavior and compliment them more often!

Many people would probably rather have their teeth pulled out than take their children with them to the dentist.  Well, I actually like taking them with me so they can see what it will be like when it’s their turn.  Morgan went with me when she was  just six months I think!  But I digress…

So, in the waiting area, the boys were polite and quiet and reading the magazines.  Many people smiled at me — good sign, right?  Then we get called into our respective chairs.  I set the boys down with their snacks, toys, and books.  And  guess what?  For an HOUR, they were perfect!  Not a peep!  (Well, Ethan asked a couple of times for help opening up his Ziploc bags of snacks and the hygienist and I took turns helping him.)  Matthew played on Morgan’s Leapster (thanks Jen!) and ate his edamame beans and pretzels.   While they were sitting in their seats and I was having my teeth cleaned, my eyes were closed and enjoying the peace and quiet… all I can hear around me are the office hygienists walking in to check out the “quiet boys,” like some animals at the zoo!  It was hilarious!  One was overheard saying, “I couldn’t even tell there were children in there.”  Another patient sharing my “room” was overheard saying she thought they were well behaved out in the waiting room too. My hygenist thinks that I should teach a parenting class… Oh, I am so flattered, but my boys do have their moments!  I am SO glad it wasn’t today!  🙂

So, I suppose I should go easy on them.  They really do behave when the time calls for it.  I had a relaxing dentist appointment… how many people can admit that?!

Matthew, Ethan, great job!  Thanks for helping me this morning.  Gotta go pick up Morgan!!!!!

This just added…

This afternoon Morgan had her hearing tested — long story, best for another post.  Anyway, the test was smack dab in the middle of Ethan’s usual nap time… so we distracted him as much as possible after lunch so that he would nap on the way to the appointment.  He did FABULOUS!  He slept in the car, transfered to the stroller, slept during the entire appt, and did not wake up until we were heading home… an hour and a half later!  Matthew did really well too!  He sat quietly during the start of Morgan’s test.  We were in the exam office, which held the exam room.  We sat right outside the door of the exam room and in the room where the nurse was conducting the test.  He sat quietly for about 5-10 minutes of the test.  Then I knew that he would be bored so he moved outside with Ethan and sat on the floor and watched his little hand held movie player.  This was one purchase Vince made that I totally am grateful for!  I yell at him a lot for buying new electronic gadgets — but this one wins the prize!  He made  a good call here…  Anyway, the test was an hour long and both boys were great!  Morgan passed the test… somewhat… more details later when I know more.  We have another appt with the ENT (ear nose throat) department on June 18th.  I think the boys should take a break from being so good… I will leave them with some friends to play with that day… anyone free that afternoon at 3 PM?  They really are good… didn’t you read the above?!  😉

Another added note:

I forgot to mention that on the way to Morgan’s appointment, a nice gentleman (perhaps in his 60s?) stopped to compliment me on how beautiful the children were (well, Ethan was covered up asleep in his stroller…but I will just presume he “knew” that the 3rd one asleep was just as beautiful as the other 2 he’s staring at! ;)). Anyhow, I thanked him and jokingly added that “there are days”…  He smiled and sadly said, “Oh, miss, they are beautiful and you should be patient with them.”  I responed that I try, but some days are harder than others.  He then told me that I should try to be patient… he was not with his sons and now they have drifted apart from him.  My heart just broke.  I can’t imagine my 3 cherubs drifting apart from me years from now.  I know that they can’t always be angels… but couldn’t they just TRY harder?!  I know, I know… missing the point here, huh?  I will try, try, and try!  I know that I am lucky with these 3.  They are beautiful and MINE!  🙂  I was a handful as a child — payback time, right?  Mom is probably laughing to herself as she reads this!  HA!


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