Posted by: thequaches | June 10, 2009

Back to our arts and crafts routine

I’ve been bookmarking so many cute projects to do with the children but have been so busy and a bit frazzled…  I am feeling more like myself these days.

So this is what we have on our list of to dos:

1) Shrinky Dinks!  Remember these???  I have had this Klutz book forever!  Just waiting for the right moment to teach Morgan…  Now M&M have done it once already and really enjoyed it.  SO today we are going to be a bit more creative.  Maybe Morgan can make a charm bracelet?  I do not have the supplies to make that yet, but we can start with the charms now and think about the bracelet later!  YIKES!  The oven was on too high and Matthew’s poor fish and Ethan’s poor lizard would not flatten.   Morgan’s charms turned out really cute… one minor detail… I forgot to punch holes in them before shrinking them!  Oops, back to the drawing board on this project!  That will be tomorrow’s project after Morgan gets out of school… and Matthew meets his pediatric ophthalmologist.


YAY!!!!  2 more days of school!  Graduation celebration is Thursday at 11:00 AM.  Photos to follow

2) plastic Easter egg “snake”  —  I saw this after Easter and knew Matthew would flip when he saw it, so I’ve been keeping it hush hush until I was ready to make more than one!  Got the eggs out to do this today (6/9/09)  and realized that I had to drill holes first.. back goes the eggs until the weekend when Vince can bring out his tools for me.  It’s a neat project — I’ll find the link for you all.

3) “faux” tie dye shirts — Amanda and I have tie dye shirts on our list of things to do together.  We know the children will enjoy it more if they did this together.  This particular project I learned from the children’s faire awhile back using just rubbing alcohol and Sharpie markers.  These shirts are turning out to be sooo cute!  They have been working on them for 2 days now — Ethan too!  Tomorrow we should finish up and then I can upload photos of all of our latest art projects.

Day ONE:


just a teaser for ya….




Day TWO:





June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-080They are having so much fun with this project!  We should be completely finished by tomorrow (Thursday, June 11).

4) self-portraits — Morgan did this at school through the Art Vistas program and I thought it was so cute.  Going to Emma K’s house the other day reminded me that I did not do this project with Matthew yet.  So, we did that as well.  Morgan made another one too.  Ethan was taking a nap — he would not have done so well with oil pastels!  M&M did a great job… although Vince commented that Matthew’s self-portrait reminds him of him NOT Matthew!  You’ll see why when I upload the photos!  CUTE!


No, I did NOT help Matthew with his picture… I only guided him by reminding him what part he should draw   He did this all by himself!  😉  Morgan actually had legs and shoes.. but the frame was a bit smaller, so I had to doctor her picture a bit and amputated her legs, sorry!

5) Father’s Day project — Vince normally does not read my posts… but just in case… we’re working on “something.”  😉



  1. Our tie dye supplies are on the way! I’ll let you know when it’s time for the fun to begin. 🙂

    ((Tapping foot, waiting for pictures of your projects))

    • YAY!!! I can’t wait to get started… I’ve been reading up on some “techniques…” seems easy enough… right?!

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