Posted by: thequaches | June 11, 2009

Today was a busy day!

Today we spent time doing a lot of things…  but mostly, we

1)  played!  Leapfrog anyone?  First Ethan watched…


and learned….

June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-050and then, gave it a go!  😉


Morgan wanted a pony ride and Matthew obliged with success….


can’t say it was a success the other way around!  (he weighs as much as she does, REALLY!!!!)


2) read…

Don’t be too impressed, she’s just looking at the photos, reading some words here and there to Matthew.  While I was in the house getting a drink, I caught her discussing a picture/chapter with Matthew and thought it was a great photo opp.  We are finally getting back to reading Little House on a more regular basis — we’re on chapter 14 now.  They ask to read it every night, but I am too exhausted by the end of the evening that I just can’t.  We’ve been reading this after lunch upon Morgan’s return home from school.


3) stared at the clouds…


This is what Matthew did while Morgan was flipping through Little House.  He was staring at the clouds and saying different things to me, like, “I see a snowman,” etc.  And then he was so excited and said, ” I see a balloon!”  I said “great imagination, Matthew.”  But then he kept saying,  “No, I see a real balloon!”  “Really?” I ask.  “Really,” he said.  So I put the camera down and looked up… sure enough, there was a blue-ish green balloon floating up through the clouds!  My zoom on this dinky camera could not capture it… but there it was flying away!  So, as you can see, his vision is 20/20!  (This was confirmed at his appt. with the pediatric ophthalmologist today!  His left eye is doing well and according to Dr. Sudesh, who operated on him, he may not need another adjustment for another 6-7 years.  But, he cannot be certain.  Matthew is meeting an optometrist in a few weeks.  Funny story — the nurse was testing Matthew’s vision when we first arrived.  She asked him to cover his right eye and tell her what he saw.  Once she turned off the light, Ethan looked over to the screen and started shouting out the answers!  I had to take him outside while Matthew finished the test!  🙂  He did it again when Dr. Sudesh asked Matthew if he could tell him what was on the screen.  Matthew saw a hand and responded;  Ethan shouted, “glove!”  Dr. Sudesh and I laughed.  According to Matthew, when Morgan asked how his appt was, he replied, “It was not so bad.”  )


4)  made candy leis for Morgan’s classmates (graduation is tomorrow!)

June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-010Oh… the candy was so tempting!  Ethan kept staring at them!  So close and yet… he was occupied with eating Dots.

June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-011and this is what it would look like if you had to wear all 10 leis around your neck!


5) checked on the garden’s growth…

our 4th one so far, yummy!


Cherry tomatoes on their way


cucumbers growing stronger each week


figs are on the way… we just have to get to them before the darn squirrels do!


tomorrow’s dinner — steamed veggies!


pretty soon her sunflower patch will be taller than her!!!


6) made dinner outside!

prepping the cutting board


kneading the dough


forming the crust

add sauce (Trader Joe’s organic marinara)



June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-097add cheese (on sale at Lucky today!)


June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-102add peperoni



voila!  add a bit of olive oil to the casserole dish (the children and I do not like crunchy crust…I know, strange!  But if you like crunchy, better to use a pizza pan.)  Bake on 425 for 15 minutes and enjoy!


Of course, you can’t expect them to give up their flour and cutting boards after the pizzas were done.. .they needed some more play time to get messy!  Messy they got — Matthew had flour in his ear!  Morgan had white hair for awhile too!

Then there’s Ethan…June-10,-2009-candy-lei,-garden,-pizza,-tie-dye-111


Afterwards, they had their showers — we’re trying to use less water so we take quick showers whenever possible.  While they showered, their pizzas were cooling off… and now they are ready to enjoy!  Yes, they eat dinner in their pajamas.  They do this 5 out of 7 days of the week — so they are used to it and often do not get their jammies dirty.  Ethan does not quite get that concept yet so we sometimes have to spray him down again… but not too often!  🙂


This was a fun (but EXHAUSTING) activity!  Running back and forth to get the ingredients was a pain.  Next time, I will have everything ready for them on a plate.  This way they can help themselves whenever they are ready for the next step.

Kate gave me this pizza dough recipe many years ago.  If Vince were home, we might need to double the recipe.  It was “just enough” for us 4 — Vince was out.  I actually ate some of Ethan’s too!  The crush was like a combo of bread and Pillsbury Dough boy biscuit —  buttery and flaky  —  yummy!  If you want to try, here is Kate Parse’s recipe:

2TB powdered yeast

1 1/2 C flour

1/3 C plus 2 TB warm water

4 TB olive oil

1/2 ts salt

throughly dissolve yeast in water (Morgan did this while I did the following:)

mix all ingredients together in large bowl

knead for 5 minutes on heavily floured board

place dough in oiled bowl

cover with warm cloth

allow to rise one hour

———————when ready to make pizzas, grease inside of pizza pan with olive oil, pat dough down, cover with topping, bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes————————–


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