Posted by: thequaches | June 12, 2009

Good bye Kindergarten!

Our “baby” just finished her kindergarten year…  What a year it was!  She has learned so much — no thanks to her “teacher” at school.  She has grown to be quite the social butterfly at school and I think that is just as important as reading and writing.  We’ve worked hard at home — writing letters to friends, discovering a variety of artwork and artists, calculating how much money is needed to buy a variety of foods, reading so many books, and loving the idea of learning and having a blast while doing it!

I am so excited to see her go off to first grade… I hope she will be placed with a teacher who can foster her love for learning while also have the ability to show her that learning is FUN!

Here’s our graduate:

June-11,-2009-kindergarten-graduation-008Here she is with her buddy, Owen. (his dad, Brian, and Vince used to work together at the same company!  They were also carpool buddies.  That was a few years back — I remember meeting him when he was so young and I had just had Matthew.  His younger sister, Addison, is now Ethan’s best buddy.  They do so much together — and they are only 2 months part.).

Getting ready to receive her certificate:


Great job!


her class:


proud and happy siblings:


After the classroom graduation, we headed to the park to continue the celebration.  I was having too much fun chatting with the other moms — no photos of the fun they had!  Here they are as we were heading out.

(Back row) Wesley, Morgan, Savannah, and Owen (Front row) Jalon, Jenna, Olivia, and Nathan


a fun photo!



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