Posted by: thequaches | June 14, 2009

Andy Z!!!

After a long period of not seeing Andy Z… we were all excited to see him so close to home.  He was having a concert at the Los Gatos Library and Matthew was very anxious to see him again.  We all had a blast!  Ethan was getting down to his music.  Matthew joined in for EVERY song!  Even Morgan enjoyed the music — she sang along and helped Ethan too.

See for yourselves:

we arrived early so we sat and observed the fountain for a bit…


He did not intend to look like a gangsta.. just was being silly!


Again, silly!


Andy Z finally arrived!  He had to squeeze through a very crowded library of children and parents.  It was standing room only if you arrived “on time!”  He began by having the children greet each other with hugs, high fives, hand shakes…


We met Squirrelly Squirrel:


And sang…. and danced…

June-12,-2009-Andy-Z-and-Schoenfelders-016And just had a great time!


After the show, we had to grab a photo with him and pick up the only CD we did not yet own — Pockets, his very first CD.  It’s full of toddler songs (nursery rhymes, etc).  Ethan LOVES it!  Do you love how Matthew and Andy Z match?!



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