Posted by: thequaches | June 14, 2009

Homemade Blackberry Jam!

Today our visit with Jim and Clare was extra special!  We made jam!!!

ONE:  measure 2 cups of blackberries that we all picked and tried very hard NOT to pop into our mouths.  This task was VERY difficult for Ethan.  He was immediately dismissed from the berry collection team and sent off to another team with Uncle Jim where he did not have to relinquish his prized berries for the jam making process.


TWO:  pour 2 cups of black berries into a pot


THREE: measure out 2 cups of sugar and pour that into the pot


FOUR: turn on stove to high and stir


FIVE: and stir some more….


SIX: reduce heat, stir, stir, and stir some more… then remove foamy stuff from the top and offer to Uncle Jim, who enjoys it


SEVEN: check, is it getting thicker?  Not yet…

June-12,-2009-Andy-Z-and-Schoenfelders-038Eight: the official check –take out, put small amount into bowl, and see if it is think enough by swirling the jam around the bowl


NINE: yep, thick enough!  Pour out into small bowls and reserve for next morning pancakes, waffles, or PBJ sandwiches!


TEN: offer to willing youngest sibling whom is not very particular about what he puts into his mouth.  Final approval is given when youngest sibling tastes and asks poor Uncle Jim for more!

June-12,-2009-Andy-Z-and-Schoenfelders-058Why did we make jam today?  Well… simple answer — Matthew asked how jam was made!  While having our usual waffle brunch, Uncle Jim offered Matthew jam for his waffle.  While spreading the jam on his waffle Matthew asked how jam was made.  A long discussion took place.  For some reason, Matthew kept asking Clare if she had a “machine” to make the jam.  Clare told him numerous times that a machine was not necessary to make jam.  He then went to Jim and asked Jim where the machine was kept.  Jim repeated that a machine was not used… this conversation was going nowhere!  Matthew kept insisting that he see the “machine.”  Clare finally gave up and offered to make jam with him in order to show him the process…  He was bored after all the stirring. Morgan stayed the entire time and stirred while Clare watched her.  After the jam was made, she would not eat it!  (She does not like jam!  But she loved making it!!!)

This is what Matthew decided to do after about 10 minutes of the stirring:


While Ethan did this:


(The wooden truck in this photo belonged to John, Jim and Clare’s son!)



  1. yummy! I wonder if this recipe would work with blueberries….

    • Clare says blueberries have more liquid so you might need to add pectin to help thicken it better. hope that helps!

  2. hmm… i don’t know! i will have to ask Clare. I’ll get back to you when I have an answer.

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