Posted by: thequaches | June 16, 2009

Mrs. Quach… not Mommy of the Year award today

This morning, when we started “Mommy school,” M&M wanted to know what they should call me.  I said that I did not know.  Morgan said, “we should call you Mrs. Quach because that is what your students call you.”  Matthew asked if he could call me “Mrs. Mom.”  We laughed… but we did not really settle on a title…  I don’t think it matters really!

We had a rough start… I woke up a bit earlier than I had wanted — thanks Ethan!  So i was a bit grumpy.  Anyway, it took awhile for breakfast to happen.  The children were playing and then all of a sudden, Ethan is crying… and crying…and crying.  (He’s not hurt.)  He just cries a lot when he doesn’t get want he wants.  This bugs me. So I ignore him and ignore him and ignore him.  Eventually he will stop.  I tried to stay out of the conversations/arguments/ debates, whatever you want to call it… Then I hear him asking Morgan for a train and she flat out refused to give him one.  So I finally stop what I am doing, walk over and ask her nicely to give him just one train.  Oh, all heck broke loose!  She REFUSED!  She refused ME!  I couldn’t believe it!  She said that she could not give him a train because she wanted all those trains.  I asked her why and she flat out said because she wanted ALL those trains.  She was not going to budge.  I asked her if she could just give him one because he just wants to play with one and be part of their game… she again refused and said how unfair it is that she always has to give him everything he wants all the time.  I told her that that was not true.  I do not make her give him everything all the time.  This time I was only asking her to give him ONE train, would she do it.  NO, she would NOT… So… I yelled (because I just couldn’t understand why she could not give him ONE train), she cried (because I was yelling at her)… it was ugly.  I asked her to go to her room and cool off so that I too could cool off.  Jeez!  All this over one train!

Was I a bit harsh?  Was I expecting too much from her?  I only asked for ONE darn train, not all 6 that she was hording!  And guess what?  After all that crying and screaming that I was being unfair to her… she never touched those trains again!  I left them where she stashed them away from Ethan.  I did not touch them once… and yet she cried… and never once picked them up to play with them.  What the heck?  Why the drama??!!  I finally spoke to her again and reminded her how important it is that we teach Ethan to share because we are his teachers.  If she refuses him all the time, he will think that it is OK to refuse us when we ask him to share.  I reminded her again that he has already learned the word “mine” and uses it quite well.  She wanted me to hold her and it was fine again…

After breakfast, life was better….

We started summer “Mommy school.”  We started with writing and they both did very well.  Matthew is very independent and does not want me to help him write — although that is VERY difficult for me to do!  I am VERY anal about letter formations. (As you can imagine, I was a bit frustrated during their writing time… it was a long 20 minutes!)  Then we moved onto math — today was addition and comparisons (greater than/less than.)  Have you ever played battle/face off?  We used a deck of cards (these happen to be Crayola cards) and the cards were divided up evenly between the 3 of us.  We counted to 3 and showed the first card on our deck.  The person with the highest number card wins all the cards.  The winner is the person who ends up with the most cards.  Art today was oil pastel on black paper.  They had fun drawing their favorite animal — they both chose a rat… don’t ask, I don’t know WHY!  We also worked a bit on Daddy’s Father’s Day gift.  (Photos to come once he sees it!)  We ended the day with stories.  They each chose a book and then we ended story time with a few chapters of Little House.  We are almost done.  Morgan might be interested in starting a 9 block quilt because of Mary.  Ethan picks up the book sometimes and says to me, “Laura? Laura?”  He often listens to the stories while he plays… so cute!

I also made some books for them and started a writing center.  We will see how that goes tomorrow — as we have errands to run, a library visit,  a park play date… and swim lessons before dinner.

Here are photos from today — not too many, we were very busy learning!

This is what they were doing while I was making dinner:


Not bad for a few minutes of pickin… enough for a snack tomorrow at the park!

June-15,-2009-mommy-school-008Don’t know how he’s helping back there… away from the beans…hmmm


I am so anxious to pick a cucumber!  “Coo-come- mer,” says Ethan.

Their “rats”… Matthew added some ghosts too, can you see them floating around the rat?!  Morgan’s rat looks like an elephant to me!


And now we have a calendar on the fridge… You can make one too!  It’s just 2 large pieces of papers taped together.  I used shipping tape across the blank squares so they can use a dry erase pen to write the dates.  Ethan was a bit angry that he did not get a turn… so the second he was turned loose, he grabbed a pen, any pen — my luck, a permanent pen from my desk and started to add his work … that’s the black smudge you see a the bottom to the right of the number 15… I could only clean so much off.. it was a Sharpie pen!  Anyway, this will work well for next month — reusing it will help my work load!  I don’t know if Ethan will allow us to have it up long.  He likes to help too!  Matthew wrote “June 20”  remember my being so anal?  He was getting a bit sloppy, so I finished it off with “09.”  Morgan wrote the days of the week.

And this is dinner!  It zuchinni from our garden stir-fried with eggs and garlic.


Here’s their writing center box.. still work in progress.  I made their books by folding copy paper together, cutting in various sizes and then sewing some white papers together with a colored paper for cover.  (no photo yet… tomorrow)


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