Posted by: thequaches | June 17, 2009

Summer is…

Swim lessons!  Oh, they had so much fun the first day back….

Matthew did not cry and didn’t even bother to look at me during lessons.




Morgan looked over a lot… she was nervous, but I thought she did so well gliding, kicking, and working on her strokes!



Can you see Matthew in the corner?  Their classes overlap by 15 minutes.  Matthew gets in first and Morgan goes in after waiting and watching Matthew swim for 15 min.




  1. So jealous your kids are learning to swim! Wish I learned when I was little. I promised myself my
    kids would know how. Eug says I should learn with them! :). Was thinking of enrolling them after Nathan turns 2.

    • I was never a water lover and am not a great swimmer, so I promised myself I would do what my parents did… put me in swim classes whether I wanted to or not! The basic idea is to get M&M to feel comfortable enough in the water so that they can get out in case they fall in by accident! I don’t care if they love the water but it would be nice if they did enjoy it, as Vince is quiet the fish when he is in the water. I think you should get in the water with Nathan this summer in a mommy and me class. Ethan and I did it last summer and it was fun! I might do it again with him soon.

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