Posted by: thequaches | June 22, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!

I am sorry for posting this late… we’ve been sick (well, we still are!)…

Anywho — we had a great weekend – full of just “hangin’ out!

See here:

Vince and Ethan bonding in the backyard.


Saturday night we celebrated with the Wiggers (Hans and Annemarie), Schoenfelders (Jim and Clare), and Dixons (Corinna and Dave) – even Mom came!  We had an Italian family style dinner at Giorgio’s.  The food was yummy and the place was very family oriented.

(I am sorry Ethan for covering you up in the bottom photo!)


Food, food, and more food!


Sunday we just hung out with Vince… he was feeling under the weather (just like the children) so we stayed home.  The children decided to wrestle….


After the BBQ, the children gave their “Superdad” his gift:


“Superdad” — “hands down” (if you couldn’t figure it out! ;))


Then we made him do a superdad pose:


Happy Father’s Day Daddy — thank you for working so hard so that we can do what we do…  we love you!


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