Posted by: thequaches | July 2, 2009


We were sick for awhile… AGAIN!

So for almost 2 weeks we kept to ourselves…

We ate lots of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) at home (see below) and out (photo of Ethan and chopsticks):

I bought a rotisserie chicken from Lucky and made broth (added onions, ginger, chicken bones, and a bit of chicken stock):

June-22,-2009-pho-at-home-002For condiments I shredded the chicken meat into pieces, cut up lemon, basil, green onions, and some bean sprouts:


While eating out one night, Ethan decided he wanted to try using chopsticks… not bad!  😉


After the dinner at home, we had jack fruit!  (12 pounds of sticky sap and yummy fruit… but so not worth the work that went into taking the fruit out!)  Morgan took this photo as my hands were too sticky.  The brown things are seeds, which you can boil and roast to eat — we chose not to do that.  The fruit is the orange flesh you see peaking out from behind the white sticky strips.

Aside from eating, we played some games…

Morgan stayed in her PJs until noon this day!

M&M wrote letters.

Morgan wrote to Olivia who is visiting her grandparents in Washington:


Matthew wrote to Peter, then drew this photo… can you guess who it is?  Take a wild guess, you’ll most likely be right!  😉  He’s red and drives around a track!



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