Posted by: thequaches | July 13, 2009

Concert and a Movie = a busy day!

Andy Z was having a concert in Campbell.  I had been planning for  this event for awhile… M&M were so excited – so was Ethan once we arrived and he saw Andy Z.  See how small he is on stage?  This is our spot because we arrived ON TIME!  I had planned on being there earlier, but one thing led to another — somebody had to use the potty and refused to get down because he wasn’t “done.”

Andy was working the crowd.  The chidlren had so much fun!  At one point he had them running around a patch of grass singing his race car driver song — one of Matthew’s favorite.  The great thing about Andy is that he asks for requests before he starts his concert and he somehow works each song requested into his performance.  How wonderful is that?!  I think he’s pretty amazing.  And better yet, he does not forget the songs that each child requests!


After the concert, we lined up to get his signature — we bought all 4 CDs so we did not have anything for him to sign this time.  Luckily, today he was handing out posters of him and his band.  We waited until the line died out a bit… so we were last in line, which worked out well because Andy had a personal conversation with M&M (with Ethan paying very close attention!).


Then it was time for pictures!  Aren’t they cute in their tie dyes???


Another mom suggested we all gathered for a group picture so she took this of us.  Andy took a picture of the Quach3 and me for his website — keep your eye out for us if you frequent his new website!  What a fun morning.  We stopped off at the Campbell library after we said good bye to Andy (across from the concert location) and I read about 30 books!  I kid you not!  I should have logged those for our summer reading program too!


After Ethan had a nice long nap at home, we packed up and load into the car again to attend an outdoor movie showing Kung Fu Panda at the San Jose Municipal Stadium.  This was our first time and we will do it again!  A quick yogurt for everyone…

july-11,-2009-SAn-Jose-municipal-stadium-outdoor-movie-004here’s what it looked like from our blanket:

Yep, lots of folks enjoying the beautiful weather!

then the popcorn came out!


And they ate whatever I grabbed from the frig as we left the house!


By mid movie, Matthew and Ethan were running around and laying on the grass.


Loads of fun!  Anyone care to join us next time?  August 22 — the movie Bolt will be showing!



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