Posted by: thequaches | July 13, 2009

Tie dye experiment (#1)

I keep bugging Amanda about tie dying… mostly because Matthew is so obsessed with Andy Z — and Andy Z only wears tie dyes!

Anyway, Amanda was finally able to get the supplies for us to try our first experiment with real tie dye!  It was kind of scary — real DYE!  I can see why Amanda was nervous when I asked her if she knew anything about it… I have never tried myself.  She did it way back in her Girl Scout days… so we both gave it a go!

Morgan grabbed the camera and snapped away (there were 20 shots of my hands! and Ethan playing with the shirts soaking in the bucket!)  But I won’t bore you with those extra photos!

1) we twisted and bounded the shirts


2) we soaked them in soda ash or something like that (it came with the kit)

3) 30 minutes or more later — we were ready to dye



Ethan felt a bath was in order before the actual dying… he dyed in his diaper – as I had to take off his soaked shorts!


Some fun shirts to wear to see Andy Z !



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