Posted by: thequaches | July 15, 2009

Oakland Zoo on a HOT day

What were we thinking???!!

Well, I honestly did not want to check the weather because I would have backed out of the trip.. so I avoided checking and went about my business packing and just planning for the day…we went… we sweated (is that a word?) … we had a great time!  There were complaints, don’t get me wrong… regardless of the heat, we all still had a fun day.  I look forward to returning when it is not so hot!

Here we are with Marailee and Kiran Sripati — Nikash was too distracted by the trains to eat his lunch with us.  He chose to stand by the tracks area and wait for the train while eating his lunch.


Ethan was obsessed with the gibbons.  He kept saying he did not want to leave them yet…


Then he was mesmerized by the chimpanzees!  Really, if you asked him what he saw at the zoo, he will say “monkey”  and “panzee.”  Those were his 2 favorites — monkey and gibbon are the same to him!


They love climbing this tomato frog!


he couldn’t fit with M&M so he waited patiently for his turn to say “cheese.”


The giraffe feeding was pretty cool to watch as well!


Then the elephants came out to search for their meal.  The keepers had just finished throwing out some food and tree branches, then 10 minutes later, the gate was opened and the elephants cam out searching for their meal.


Our favorite exhibits:

gila monsters (I believe the “g” is pronounced with an “h” sound, please correct me if I am wrong someone!)


Matthew was so excited to see the tarantula!


Ethan loved this tree “nake.”


Can you see the main walking stick?  Now… can you see the other thousand in the case????


What a fun day!



  1. So glad they enjoyed the zoo despite the heat! I dread going out in the heat too…always get a headache afterwards. I’m waiting until fall to hit the zoo with the kiddies…for now, anything in doors with AC is preferred! 🙂

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