Posted by: thequaches | July 16, 2009

Margaret Bradford — Bindi I Bop!

This is Margaret Bradford and she is an Australian song writer and singer: She is a dear friend of Jim and Clare.  She came for a visit and we were lucky enough to be invited to hear her sing.  She is a wonderful person with a wonderful voice — and very patient with children!

Here we are in the backyard listening to her sing quite a few of M&M’s favorite songs:


(If you’re wondering, Ethan fell asleep and is napping in the house)  M&M sitting next to Corinna (she’s holding a friend’s baby)


Margaret let the children try out the bowed psaltery — an instrument she plays with at her concert.


We took a group photo — Matthew and Ethan were not very cooperative, so this was the closest decent picture we could get!  We had to catch them by surprise!


Since Ethan was awake and most of the guests were gone, Margaret gave Ethan a personal concert!  She’s signing all of his favorite songs and he’s singing along with her — so cute!


Morgan picked that California poppy for Margaret.  She put it in her hair, and I had to grab a photo!


Dearest Margaret, thank you for honoring us with your delightful songs!  We really enjoy listening to them and dancing along to them in our kitchen.  When we listen to your songs, we think about our environment a bit more.  We try to conserve our water and recycle when we can.  We’ve learned what an echidna is and laugh a lot when we listen to your “terrible twos” song!  Thank you for being apart of our daily routine — Margaret in the morning!  And often, Margaret in the car!



  1. Cool! I’m pretty much clueless in regards to children music “pop” stars…the only thing we have are the Wiggles and a few Disney CDs.

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