Posted by: thequaches | July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava and James!

This past weekend we celebrated a few birthdays!  Ava Robinson turned 3 and James Yeh  turned 4 — two separate parties, of course!

Ethan can swing on a “regular” swing now!  I am so impressed that he wanted to do it — there goes the mimicing thing — thank goodness for older siblings, right?!


Here he is in action!  Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matthew and Ethan enjoyed a bit of time together on the see-saw.


What’s a party on a hot day without water, water, and more water???  The older children had quite an intense water balloon fight.  Poor Ed, James’ dad, got drenched!  A surprise hit by Uyen’s niece, I think.  It was pretty wet in the backyard — but a whole lot of happy children and laughter was involved, so why not, right???




Here’s Ava enjoying her first “lick” of her cake… Jen, her mom, graciously cut that piece out and offered it to Ava immediately!  🙂


Waiting for the candles to be lit.


Morgan hit that thing pretty hard — but not hard enough!


Matthew gave it a big whack too…  But Jen’s nephew, Sean, gave it the biggest whack ever and candy went flying everywhere!!!!


Some games….

july-18,-2009-Ava-bday-002What a busy weekend!


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