Posted by: thequaches | July 24, 2009

Their own quilts (day 1)

My favorite children’s book (one of MANY I assure you) is The Quilt Maker’s Gift ( ) about a quilt maker who teaches a greedy king to give away all his “treasures” before he can have one of her beautiful, handmade quilts.  It’s a very beautiful story about giving to those who truly “need.”

We are not making a quilt for somebody in need… because they are just starting out… but hey, plant the seed, right?!

While I was sewing the other day, M&M asked if they could “help.”  I was not ready for them to help me with MY projects – but they could surely start their own projects!  So, here we go – we started a quilt!  They will make their own — just squares and we will see how far they want to go with this.  I took out as many leftover fabrics — more to come, but we have to start somewhere!  I held onto the fabric most of the time, they pressed the foot pedal and just watched the machine take off!  We learned to control the speed of the machine.  That was a valuable lesson for Matthew!  Can you just imagine it???  We had to tear out a few squares!  🙂

Morgan is pretty careful…


I was afraid he was going to sew his fingers!  But he did just fine! 🙂


Ta -da!!!!


Not bad for a beginner, right?!




  1. Brilliant, Stephanie! I love them.

  2. That is so cool. I should try that with my kids! You are so crafty! I love James’ birthday gift, btw!

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