Posted by: thequaches | July 30, 2009

Summer is… #7

Eating frozen Icee Pops with your BFF!


Monkey see, monkey do…

Morgan, Matthew, Ethan, and Annamarie also spent some time in the pool this afternoon:


This photo was taken right before Loari capsized the 2 cuties in the “boat.”


There I am…


Isn’t she funny?  I made Loari take one of just her — she’s so goofy!


He wasn’t too sure of being on his own today.  Becky just bought him his own water wings yesterday…  He enjoyed sitting on the edge of the pool and then jumping in while holding my hands.  Every now and then he didn’t even mind being dunked in the water as he was jumping in.  I think he is going to love the water as much as his siblings!


This is Loari (She’s holding Ethan at 1 day old).  Wanna know how we met?  (I’ll tell you anyway…  and Loari, correct me if I am wrong.  It’s been awhile!)

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 050

I was reading a book while waiting for a class at San Jose State University back in 1998.  A woman came running by me screaming, “A Bee!”  She was running REALLY fast!  Yep, you guessed it — that woman was Loari!  I’m not sure what I did after she went zipping by me… but a conversation followed and we became friends.  After she finished the credential program, she started teaching at Hellyer Elementary School… I was hired at the same school a year later.  She taught the older children — what a brave soul!  One day, before the Christmas holidays (Loari says it was AFTER Christmas…  She’s probably right.  I don’t remember anything now a days!) Loari announced she was pregnant… turns out Becky and I were too!  The pregnancy and birth of our first babies brought the 3 of us a bit closer to one another.  I mean, really, how much closer can you get when you are pumping breast milk during your morning and lunch break — EVERYDAY for 6 months (or longer)!  Geez!  And if you remember, Morgan is 2 days older than Emma, who is 6 days older than Annamarie…  they are the BFFs!  We moms may as well be the older version of the BFFs!  🙂



  1. Pretty close…I actually said hello first, then the bee came by a few seconds later. And it WAS trying to get me.

    And I didn’t announce I was pregnant till after Christmas…

    Details, details, details…

    Thanks for making me famous. Love ya!

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