Posted by: thequaches | August 1, 2009

2 today…

So you couldn’t come in July… I visited the hospital twice in July but you were not ready. August 1st 1:30 AM… that was when you gave me the “signal” to wake up and call labor and delivery!  August 1st, 2007… Morgan will never understand how she is older but your birthday is before hers.  Good luck explaining that to her when you are old enough to debate – and you know she will!  Believe me, she will not let you forget it!

Today you are TWO — the time has flown by!  Take a look:

Our first meeting… Love at first sight!

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 016

day 1

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 195

She loved you the second she held you and still calls you “Marshmallow”…  Him, he’s going to drive you insane, but you are going to idolize him.

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 090

One month later…look at your adorable chubby cheeks!

September 23 Gizdich Ranch apple picking 097

6 months!  I can never say not to that beautiful smile and those beautiful big eyes!

February 24 Ethan rolling over 012

ONE!!!! (That’s Uncle Leo holding you up on a tree branch!)

August 30 2008 Quach3 up in the tree 016

Now you are saying so much!  (Your favorite phrases are, “No, mine!  Are you?  (aka where are you?) I try!  Want some pease, Race car fast!  No, Mama! (aka no, I only want mommy to help), and Mama, come!)  You are running everywhere to catch up with your older siblings.  You are defending yourself and ensuring that others are aware of your presence.  (hewnce the favorite phrase, No, mine!)  Not to be outdone, you always “try” everything.  Your beautiful smile makes us forgive you too quickly.  Your temper shows us how easily you get upset when you do not get your way.  (In your defense, you have to be louder than your siblings sometimes if you want to be heard.)  Your huge eyes and long eyelashes will get you into a lot of trouble!  (Like today when you spilled rice all over you during dinner and then just looked at us and said, “Uh oh!”, eventhough it was very deliberate!)  Your love for singing is going to take you far – or at least the ability to woo your first girlfriend! (Your favorite songs to sing right now are do-re-mi, twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, and scarecrow by Andy Z.)  Your love for music allows to feel confident dancing where ever you are.  (You definitely did not get your rhythm from me, your mommy, ’cause you sure can move!)

We love you so much, Quach#3!  Happy Birthday, big boy!  This is you now… a week before your second birthday!





  1. Happy Birthday! Have a fun and safe trip to Seattle! Wish we could join you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Ethan! I cannot believe you are already two. I hope your big road trip is full of fun and adventure. We’ll miss you, but will catch up when we’re all home in September (!!)

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