Posted by: thequaches | August 4, 2009

Summer is… #8

Taking a road trip with friends!   Edited today (08-05-09) to include some photos from Ed and Uyen’s camera…

Today we left San Jose (with the Yeh family) via Hwy 680 to the 580 to the 205 to the 5…

Here they are.. in such good spirits and anxious to stay at the “cabinet” (that’s what Matthew called the “cabin” we stayed in during our snow trip in Dorrington in February.  So now we call another hotels/cabins “cabinets.”  We continue to tease him — he thinks it’s funny too!).

CA to OR day one 002

Here’s Daddy… feeling more relaxed because Mommy is NOT the driver!  (My driving lasted perhaps an hour before he took over… said he felt better when he was in charge of the wheel.  Oh well, got a nice nap in there — so unheard of these days! ;))

CA to OR day one 006

Saw this nice gentleman riding this trike along side us… he was nice enough to wave to me!  (He was probably thinking, “those funny Japanese tourist – gotta take a photo if everything!”) Vince wants one now…

CA to OR day one 010

Saw this beautiful view up ahead… not sure where we were really….

CA to OR day one 015

There’s Mt. Shasta!

CA to OR day one 018

This is from the Yeh’s family camera:


We stopped at “Weeds” to let the children stretch their legs — almost near our first stop for the night…Grants Pass, Oregon.  Alex and James were asleep.  So the Quach3 entertained themselves…

CA to OR day one 026

While here at this rest area, a cool thing happened — a helicopter landed near by!  It was the coolest thing E-V-E-R!  Ethan couldn’t stop staring…

CA to OR day one 022

And then Ed abruptly pulled over to the side of the road so we could do this:

CA to OR day one 036

(We made it!  We left San Jose at 9:45 AM and arrived in Oregon by 6:00 PM!)

The children wanted to come out of the car but we thought it best to keep them safe in the car!  It was pretty hot and lots of trucks were zipping by!

We arrived in Grants Pass, the children (admittly us adults too!) were hungry.  We sat down at Della’s Restuarant and ate!  The children took a few minutes to acclimate…


CA to OR day one 038

After our bellies were full…we checked into the hotel.  Thus I started the tradition of:


If you know me, you might wonder what I was thinking… I barely allow my children to jump on the couches at home!  Well, I figured we are on vacation… and it’s not OUR bed, so why the heck not???



Then, it was straight to the pool!

CA to OR day one 044

CA to OR day one 045

CA to OR day one 048

Tomorrow is another day of adventures!  See you then!



  1. I think I’ve taken a picture at that same Oregon sign!

  2. Wow…so much driving, but looks like you guys are having a great time! So surprised you’re blogging while you’re in the road, but I guess there’s plenty of free time you’re on the road.

  3. Hi Steph,

    Thanks for letting me crash your blog. 8 hours and 15 mins from SJ to Oregon is very fast! Especially with 3 kids.

    Have a great vacation!



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