Posted by: thequaches | August 5, 2009

Oregon Day #2 (Portland)

The hotel provided a quick breakfast.  Ethan was up bright and early so we had an intimate breakfast together.  Matthew was up next. Morgan woke up close to 8:30 AM!  After breakfast we checked out and drove towards Eugene, OR. (more photos added from Ed and Uyen’s camera AND Vince’s camera  today 08-05-09)

Here they are playing with their Leapster.  We borrowed the Yeh family’s Leapster – hence the 2 players.

Roadt trip day 2 002

The road seemed to go on forever…

Roadt trip day 2 004

They napped… well, Morgan is pretending!   Can you see her smile?

Roadt trip day 2 009

We arrived in Portland around 3 PM and headed toward the Rose Garden in Washington Park.  What a beautiful place it was!  It reminded me of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  There were lots of places to visit, but we chose the Rose Garden as a first stop.  The children were anxious to get out to run around… so we let them loose!


They did a lot of this:

(jumping off the amphitheatre steps)

Roadt trip day 2 016

When they tired themselves out (for all of 5 minutes), they ate some snacks… Sitting still was NOT on their agenda this afternoon.

Roadt trip day 2 025

They set off to explore some more — that Matthew and James in the background.

Roadt trip day 2 021

This is what Vince did most of the time.  He took a lot of pictures while Morgan watched the crew set up for the summer concert festival.  Although we wanted to stay, we knew that we were too exhausted to figure out how to find food to bring back to the park.  But mostly, it was because the parking issue was pretty insane!  (When we were leaving, a woman waited for us to get settled… it took us over 10 minutes, but she waited!)

Roadt trip day 2 020

They found a fountain which entertained them for quite some time.  They found rose petals, made wishes, and sent them around the fountain.

Roadt trip day 2 028

Vince took some awesome photos:

Matthew (the goof ball), Alex, and Morgan (don’t worry she didn’t pick that flower… she found it)


Uyen and Ryan:


All of us — minus Vince:  (he told us to be goofy!)


The Yeh Family:  (That’s Ed, Uyen, Alex, James, Ryan, and Ed’s Parents)



Morgan and Alex



After leaving the Rose Garden, we went to find a place to eat dinner.  We settled on a Vietnamese restaurant…  We wanted to eat Pho (noodle soup) but didn’t know where.  We saw Pho 54 on our Google search, so we went to it.  The place had changed owners and name… we were stuck standing there trying to figure out what to do.  While speaking to Ed’s dad, a man from inside the restaurant (next to the place formerly known as Pho 54) gestured for us to go into his restaurant.  Kind of weird, no?  But we went once Vince “yelp”ed the place and saw that it was given 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Final outcome… great!!!  I enjoyed the Thai sour soup.  Uyen and Mrs. Yeh had the jellyfish salad (but they had better elsewhere in San Jose).  Vince had his fried fish dish.  Matthew enjoyed the clams.  The other children had Pho after all.  Ed ordered a lamb dish.  I want to go back for lunch!  (we’ll see how our 3rd day goes)

Ed took some photos of dinner:



Upon arrival at the hotel… the children quickly got together and did this:

Roadt trip day 2 035

and then it was this:

Roadt trip day 2 065

Roadt trip day 2 062

Roadt trip day 2 042

Roadt trip day 2 049

Roadt trip day 2 045

Here’s the gang!

Roadt trip day 2 069

Finally, everyone in bed by… 11 PM!


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