Posted by: thequaches | August 8, 2009

Miss Morgan… 6!

My little Miss Morgan… growing up so quickly!  What can I say about you?  You are one sassy little girl!  I look at you and see so much of me…  and it drives me crazy!  🙂  But you have a lot of your father’s traits — thank goodness!  Although you are loud, bossy, and stubborn, you are also intelligent, patient (to a certain degree!), and determined.  I’m sure you can guess whom you get these traits from!

The day I found out I was pregnant with you, I was so scared… but excited!  Thank goodness I had Auntie Becky and Auntie Loari to go through the pregnancy with!

The story of your birth still gets me giddy and makes me feel so silly!  I remember being at Auntie Karen’s house, reading a Harry Potter book… which one was it?  Loari, can you help me figure that out?!  I had to be there to let the movers/packers in so they could get Auntie Karen packed for Switzerland.  I had a doctor’s appointment that day, so Ma came to relieve me of my duties sometime in the afternoon.  Before leaving, I called a few friends to say hello.  I remember calling Carole Hersom to see how she was doing. During the conversation I kept excusing myself to go pee.  After awhile, I just spoke to her from the toilet!  Eventually, I just said to her, “I think I’d better go because I do not have very good control of my bladder right now!”  I hung up with Carole, waited for Ma to come over, and then I drove to my appointment.  The date of my appointment?  August 8, 2003.  I went to the hospital at 3:15 for my appointment and never made it back home until 2 days later!  Yep, while at the doctor’s I complained of my “inability to control my bladder.”  The OBGYN checked and sure enough, my membrane had been ruptured… I had to go immediately to labor and delivery.  She gave me the option of being wheeled to labor and delivery or walk.  I asked her why I could not drive (my pick up truck!) — She was not happy to explain… So I walked across the street and checked myself into labor and delivery.  I was so scared!  I immediately called your dad who came as quickly as he could.  (He happened to be working from home that day!)  While I was at the hospital, getting “prepped,”  he is trying his hardest to buckle your car seat in the backseat of his Subaru Forester… our neighbors finally came to give him a hand!  🙂  She had just had her baby a couple of weeks before!  (Thanks Miyuki!)  Anyway, that was the dramatic part of the day you were born… One day before I was to attend Jill and David’s wedding in LA (she and I went to college together).  To make a long story short, you were born just in time to meet Auntie Karen and Uncle Michael.  They were able to meet you and hold you before Daddy drove them to SFO, dropped them off at their hotel (as their flight was leaving first thing in the morning), and return home to rest before coming back first thing in the morning to see you!

Here you are the first night we were together.  I don’t think I slept much because I kept waking up to make sure you were alright.  I stared at your beautiful face and held you a lot!  You… you slept a lot!  🙂


Here you are at two weeks.  Because you were having such a difficult time nursing, you did not weigh much.  I went out the day we brought you home and bought you this premie outfit!


Here you are with Auntie Karen and Uncle Michael the night you were born…


My baby girl… you are an incredible sweet, bright, and beautiful girl.  You are loving towards your brothers — even though they try your patience!  You love everything about learning and grasp everything that we teach you with such vigour and enthusiasm.  You love those around you and try your best to make others happy.  You are more than I can ever ask for… well, maybe we can tone done the sassiness every now and then! 😉  You definitely are Daddy’s girl.  He tries not to spoil you… but he does!


Baby Girl, we love you and think everyday how fortunate we are to have had you as a first child.  You are an amazing sister and daughter.  We love you!  Happy 6th Birthday!


What YOU love:

a variety of colors — but purple and pink are at the top of the list!

princesses — because what little girl does not?! — your favorite being Ariel (hmm… a princess who goes against her father’s wishes… your Daddy does NOT  like this movie/princess!)

chocolate — because what normal person does not!

soda — because we hardly offer it to you!

cheese pizza, plain spaghetti with salt and butter, strawberries, ice cream, mashed potatoes, canned peaches/pears/mandarin oranges, ravioli, corn on the cob, chicken feet at Dim Sum (your great grandmother thinks this is awesome!), ketchup, pickles (because your Mommy loves them too!)!!!

picking green beans from the back yard and eating them then and there!  (what better time, right?!)

making up games to play (basically telling everyone what to do! sometimes this does not go well with Matthew but you find a way to get through the game with him)

playing with your toy kitchen (thanks to James Kelbert who donated this to you)

drawing, painting, creating arts and crafts



  1. happy birthday, Morgan! hope you are enjoying your vacation! hope you realize how much your parents love you and how much joy you’ve brought them.

  2. Happy Birthday MORGAN!!! Ariel, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Eoyore and Tiger wish you a happy birthday from Disneyland! I will call you when you come back home.

    Aunty Anita

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