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Dear Matthew… You are four!  What an amazing boy you are!  You’ve taught me so much — for one — how to be patient with a boy!  You have always been fast — everything you do is just go, go go!   You have yet to slow down since the day you were born!

On August 12, 2005 I felt some pretty big contractions — that was you kicking your way out!  We dropped off your sister and went directly to the hospital.  We barely had time to check in!  We were at the hospital around 7:30 AM and you greeted the world at 8:01 AM!  And just by luck, the midwife who delivered Morgan was there on the day you were ready to greet the world.  Her shift ended at 8:00 AM and she said that she would stay to deliver you… she knew I would not be long!  🙂  We knew that your name would be Matthew, if you were a boy (Emily for a girl!) … and your middle name is David because that was my dad’s name.  You will never know your grandfather, but you will have a part of him with you always.

All  I can say is you are ALL boy!  You’ve always been rough, tough, and busy!  You love exploring the world around you.  If you see a bug crawling on the ground, you get right down to its level and you investigate.  You want to know what it’s doing.  And if the bug is small enough, you pick it up to explore even more! If the bug is lucky, it survives your investigation!   At home, you discovered the top of furnitures very early!  You climbed the train table by one and your favorite kitchen appliance was the stove.  You used to hang on the oven door and was never daunted by the fact that the door would open and you would go crashing onto the floor.  You did this 2-3 times before you realized it wasn’t “that” fun anymore.

On the flip side, you are also very sweet.  You are gentle, kind, and shy when needed.  When you are in high school, I promise not to remind you that you slept with a blue “bear lanket.”  You love the soft shiny border the most and always have to have it with you sleep!  It took you a long time to finally say the “b” in “blanket.”

(The computer crashed the year after you were born… So we cannot recover files that contained your birth photos… I am still working on locating them.  I took so many photos that this task is going to take me years to complete!)

You were barely 3 months here when we took you to Lake Tahoe!  It was during this trip that you found your thumb and soothed yourself to sleep.  We also discovered that you enjoyed sleeping on your tummy (shame on us!).

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_20245

Here you are around 9 months “sitting” (you tipped over a few HUNDRED times!) with big sis in Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare’s backyard.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_20221

This is you at 16 months — you were climbing a small step ladder at Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare’s house so that you could check the mail!

December 2  Schoenfelders 024_jpg~RF2ce79f40_TMP

Look at you now!  You are so handsome!



What you love:

-noodles ( lots and lots of noodles!)

-cheese (every variety!)

-cars (LOTS and LOTS of cars!  You favorite character will always be Lightning McQueen)

-trains (and the loud noise they make!)

-digging, digging, digging!  (you are content to sit in the backyard and dig your way to China if I let you!)

-water (you love getting wet, rain does not bother you, baths take forever!, and you can play with your water table until the sun set!)

-being funny ( you are so goofy!  You do things to make us laugh and then you laugh at us for laughing at you!)



  1. Please give your big four year old hugs and kisses from the Tobler family.

  2. We’re so happy to have been able to spend your birthday with you! You are definitely ALL boy, but we love everything about you, especially your ability to eat!

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