Posted by: thequaches | August 16, 2009


I am going through quite a bit of stress at the moment.  Not sure where to start…

Let’s just start at the beginning!

We saw Morgan’s classroom assignment.  Our first choice was not granted.  We were given our 2nd choice.  Still my choice, so I should be fine with it, right?


1)   Turns out the 30 to 1 ratio has turned into 35 to 1 ratio!  She is one of 35 students in her classroom!  35 six years old children in one small room!!!!   I understand that there will be some shifting anf rearranging of students… but ALL 1st grade classes had 34-35 students on the list!  How is that going to work out?!

2)  Turns out 2 former classmates of hers will be in her class.  They were 2 of the most hyperactive, misbehaved, disruptive boys I have ever worked with! (and I have had my share of working with many of “those” children!)  They worst part is that they were put in the SAME classroom!  DUH!

3) Turns out her teacher is going to be on maternity leave until.. not sure when.   Honestly, I’m not too angry about her teacher being on maternity leave — I totally understand her need to be with her baby.  My concern is… what if she decides she does NOT want to return?  Heck, why would I go back to teaching with 30 (now temporarily 35)  children in a classroom?  She couldn’t even find enough spots for all 35 students to hang their backpacks on the 1st day of school apparently!

So… I am reading, researching, filling out forms…  I am preparing myself for some changes to take place.

I have written a letter (an angry one) to the principal, with the help of my dear friend Kelly Quast, to take to the principal after the first day of school starts.  First thing in the morning.  I am requesting that Morgan be transfered to my first choice teacher’s class immediately AND to remove those boys from her current class.  If by Friday 8/21 my requests have not been granted… I am pulling Morgan out of school – CASE CLOSED!

I am off to read and find a way to channel my anger…. Vince is at a wedding so he is not home to help me through this…  until later this evening.

Let me hear from you friends out there….  Am I crazy?!  Am I overreacting?  What would YOU do?  I know some of you reading my posts are my dearest teaching friends… give me your input.  What would you do if this were your child?

I know that I have very high expectations – but come on — THIRTY 6 years old children to ONE teacher?  How are they going to learn?!



  1. You aren’t overreacting one little bit! You have put in a lot of time at that school…the least they coul dhave done was accomodate ONE SIMPLE REQUEST OF A TEACHER!

  2. I hope things workout. At least you still have the option of homeschooling…imagine if that wasn’t! Like I said to Eug before, if we live close by, I’ll have you homeschool our kids if you were willing 🙂

  3. I think you should keep asking until you get the teacher you want. As for the 30 to 1, I’m not sure there is anything that can be done about it. That district decided to give up class size reduction due to the budget cuts. Good luck with what you decide to do.

  4. Sorry to hear about your difficult decision. Sadly, the high student to teacher ratio is all over the state. Keep asking for the teacher you want and maybe your request will be granted. But if you decide to go the homeschool route, I know you will be an excellent teacher to Morgan, Matthew and Marshmallow, err, I mean, Ethan.

  5. If you do decide to homeschool, can I send Alex over? 🙂

    • of course! 🙂

  6. So, what happened? Don’t leave us hanging! 🙂

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