Posted by: thequaches | September 8, 2009

Our days with the Schoenfelders

After being apart for a month — it was so nice to see Uncle Jim and Aunty Clare again!  We saw them at the family birthday gathering then we left for our road trip and they headed off to Russia.  Upon their return,  they were ready to see us but Ethan came down with a random fever.  We thought it best not to expose them to whatever he had – just in case!  Morgan had just started school and a lot of her classmates were already out for some reason.

Today, (September 1, 2009) we saw them on Tuesday — it was Morgan’s minimum day (she gets out of school at 12:25 rather than 2:25 PM).  (So, for the rest of the school year, we will see them on Tuesdays, rather than Thursday.  Gotta change the song again!  We also have to juggle Morgan’s Daisy meetings every other Tuesday!)

As a treat, Clare made macaroni and cheese for lunch — the children’s favorite!

September 1, 2009 Schoenfelders 002

Here’s Jim, Matthew, and Morgan:

September 1, 2009 Schoenfelders 001

Our yummy lunch:  (Oh — see the apples on the white napkin?  The children picked those from the front yard – very tasty!  Morgan’s apple is the whole one by her purple sippy cup.)

September 1, 2009 Schoenfelders 003

Today, September 7, 2009, Vince had Labor Day off so we all headed over to see Jim and Clare.  It’s been a while since Vince has been able to join us, so we were happy to have him involved in our traditional brunch —  waffles!

September 7, 2009 Schoenfelders 001

Clare makes her very own batter — from scratch!  (I know!  Unheard of!  You will only find me mixing my Trader Joe’s pancake/waffle mix!)  She has given me the recipe but I have yet to try it… I should!  The children love her waffles!

September 7, 2009 Schoenfelders 002

Mostly, they love the toppings that Jim and Clare offer: Nutella, whipped cream, fresh fruits from their garden, a variety of jams (some that Clare personally made), syrup, butter)  It’s always a full meal!

September 7, 2009 Schoenfelders 003

So… Some of you may be asking, “Who are the Schoenfelders?”

These are my dear friends, Jim and Clare!  Clare and I met in 1996.  I was fresh out of college and needed a job.  I applied at Challenger School and was hired by Katrin (thank you Katrin for believing in me).  I had a rough start… and then my dad passed away February 1997.  After my dad passed away, I became more open to others.  Kate Parse (whom you will read more about in a future post), took me to Virginia to meet her family.  Kelly Woods (another friend whom you will read more about later), made me laugh daily and always invited me out to do things with others.  And then there was Clare.  She was always there to help me with whatever needed, as we were both teaching first grade.  One time it was, “Clare, how do I teach this?”  Another time it was, “Clare, do you have anything about tthis?”  Clare was always there to lend me a helping hand.  Sadly, at the end of that year, Clare retired.  You should have seen me cry!  I was so sad to see her leaving the school.  But all went well.  Clare left the school, our location closed, and we opened at a new location.  After a few more years at Challenger’s new location, I left to obtain my teaching credential and masters degree at San Jose State.  Through it all I kept in touch with Clare.  Christmas cards were exchanged year after year.  Though things changed once I had Morgan.  We became even closer.  Clare asked me to visit one day… and it’s been a tradition ever since!

Jim and Clare have been there through all children’s birth stories.  They have watched Morgan, Matthew, and Ethan take their first steps, say their first few words, and now.. well, they are there for all family functions!

Here are Clare and Morgan when Morgan was 2 only months old!  I think Kate and Madison were visiting from Virgina and we went to visit Clare that day.


I am unable to upload a photo of Clare and Matthew… his file was lost and it’s still being sorted in the “recovered” folder.  ( That is another task in itself!  Oh, give me enough patience to sort through that folder!  It has been driving me bonkers for years!  I should not get started or I will cry!)

Here is Clare holding Ethan when he was only one day old!

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 142

Jim came too!

August 1 -2 Ethan Birth 147

Jim and Clare, we love you and we are thankful everyday for your presence in our lives.  You two are such amazing people and our children are so much richer for having you both to share in their accomplishments.  They look forward to their visits.  They count down the days.  They have made up a song/chant.  They know what to expect and they are always happy to run to your door to greet you both.


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