Posted by: thequaches | September 10, 2009

Our budding artist

He wanted to draw before school”work”…

Have at it, I said!

“It’s mommy and daddy in their house.”  (I love that it’s summer time and the chimney is smokin’!.  You can tell which one is Vince, right?  He has “spiky” hair.  That’s what the children call his buzz cut hair do.  I love my long flowy curly hair, don’t you?!)

September 9, 2009 Matthew art 002

Here we are with the giant sunflowers that once lined our backyard fence. Now I ask you… why is it that Vince has such long skinny legs and I have a pot belly?!  Oh well, at least I still have my long flowy curly hair!

September 9, 2009 Matthew art 001

He loves when I tell stories of what it was like before he was born.  So, he drew a picture of my pick up truck.  He can’t seem to understand why I could not keep the truck.  “Why can’t I just sit in the back?” he asks.  Well, I would get a flippin’ ticket and you might go flying out of the darn thing!  (This of course, was NOT an issue when I was in high school and took Carole’s 3 children (Beth, Chris, and Brad) home one day.  They all sat in the back of the truck, happy as can be… but who should happen to drive by at that moment as I am turning the corner – 2 seconds from home?  Their DAD!  Yikes!  He was pretty upset about that.  Rightly so!  Now that I am a parent, I can see his concern!  Sorry Jim!)  Anyway, you all remember my salvaged, white Toyota pick up truck from high school, right?  I loved that truck!  Here it is:

(He explains, “you are standing on your seat because I do not know how to draw you sitting down, Mommy.”  How sweet is that?!  I told him I didn’t mind, I like surfing in my truck!  The ghostly shape behind my seat is the car radio.  I told him that was my favorite part of my truck, as my dad had bought the radio for me — salvaged, but still worked fine!  The square next to the radio is my door.  In front of me is the steering wheel.  I love that my truck has lashes!  At least he gave me a feminine truck!  And the smoke… oh boy, hope he doesn’t think I use to drive fast and furious in that thing!)

September 9, 2009 Matthew art 003


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