Posted by: thequaches | September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Any day spent working towards a celebration is always busy for me!  I think I tend to over book myself — oh well, it just works better that way sometimes!

This morning I took my uncle to the dentist to have his tooth extracted.  While waiting for him,I decided to go to the grocery store and pile up on yogurt and mushroom turnovers for Morgan’s lunch.  They love those mushroom turnovers!  I have Katrin to thank for this addiction.  Every since I had them at her house years ago, I cannot stop myself from picking these up when I go to Trader Joe’s!  They are a bit expensive — but I don’t know how to make them, so it’s worth it!  And the children are eating mushrooms — their favorite (next to broccoli, cucumbers, and fresh corn).

Afterwards, I picked up the boys at my aunt’s house, had a quick lunch, and then back into the car to pick up Morgan.  Ethan napped int he car so Melinda picked up Morgan for me and brought her to our meeting place at the playground by the parking lot.  We then left to Vince’s mom’s house to pick up a few things for my friend Jen.  We said a quick hello and then back into the car!  We had to stop at Lucky to buy a few more items to bake Vince’s birthday cake.  As soon as we walked into Lucky… right there, in front of the door was a sign: all double layer cakes on sale!  The children ran to the stand and oohed and ahhed at the selection.  “Mommy, can’t we buy this one for daddy?” or “Mommy, this one looks so pretty!”  So, rather than buying the ingredients to make Vince’s chocolate birthday cake, the children convinced me to pick up a store made cake!  I know… crazzzy!  So, it was done!  We then ran through the rest of the store to pick up a  few sale items that I saw in the weeks’ ad.  Finally, we were back into the car – 1 1/2 hour before Daddy arrives home for dinner!  Let’s go!!!!

Home, baths, card making time, dinner prep, homework for Morgan, quick story:

All clean and now some quiet time:


She was very anxious to show this card to daddy:


Inside:  “Dear Daddy, I found out you like to go fishing and crabbing.”  On the left hand side of the card: Notice the sad fish?  And yes, he is wearing his signature weekend cap in the picture!  On the right hand side of the card is a picture of our family “band.”   (Gotta love the microphones!)  Morgan has decided that we are going to sing as a family — perhaps she has not “really” listened to me sing outside of the shower!  She might just change her mind!  🙂


This is Matthew’s card:  I love colors that he used and that I have pig tails this time!  🙂  I also love that he used up the entire space of the paper — his colorful sky, sun, flowers, and grass.  This is a great picture!


While they were making Vince’s card, i was making dinner:  sauted mushrooms and onions — love the smell!


Then daddy walked in and we had dinner!  Matthew’s role during any celebration is to say, “Cheers time!”  So that is what we did!


Oh, but Ethan was too far and couldn’t reach Ma and Morgan — squeeze in everyone!


Dinner is served!  (Steak over sauted mushrooms and onions, rice, and yummy tomatoes from Rebecca’s school garden (seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, and a bit of balsamic vinegar)).


Now the best part — the yummy cake:  (dulce de leche)


Vince was happy to oblige and smile for the camera!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!!!!  We love you very much!


Sunday we are celebrating with his family…



  1. Happy Birthday Vince! Seems like everyday is a fun day in the Quach household! I love reading about your days! Oh and Morgan, you look so cute in your dress!

  2. Happy Birthday Vince! I hope you have many, many, many more years of celebrating!

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