Posted by: thequaches | September 12, 2009

The boys

They wanted to play in the backyard…


Then Matthew saw the big container of bubbles mix… it was basically empty though!  So, he asked if he could use it… sure, why not?  Well, they decided to make a “bubble bath.”


They both tried sitting in the “tub,” but you can imagine the tight squeeze…


An hour later — we cleaned up, dressed in our suits and headed out the door to pick up Morgan and then to the park!

We met Morgan’s classmates for a play date at Almaden Lake — the water feature is always a huge hit!  Especially since it was in the high 90s today!  (That’s Lisa in pink on the left, Liz in the yellow tank, Melinda in the pink tank, Astrid in the white shirt, Brandy in the brown tank… hmm, where’s Kelly?!)


It was HOT!!!!!  A ranger was walking by earlier delivering free ice — i took a bag and filled their water bottles!  Oh, so good… nice cold water!


While sitting around and chatting, I saw a familiar figure walking towards me.  It was Amanda!  She had just arrived with Kenyon and Annapurna after their stop to the library.  Welcome home Amanda and family!  We look forward to some play dates now that everyone is home!  We’ve missed you!



  1. Your boys trying to squeeze in the tub together was hilarious! Audrey & Nathan do the same. Everytime I fill the little tub with water, even just a little, so I could wash the windows outside, Nathan would climb in and sit in it! There’s no way he’ll stay dry with water around!

    • what is it with boys, water, and dirt??? My boys are like magnets when it comes to these messy things! they always have so much fun though!

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