Posted by: thequaches | September 13, 2009

Annamarie sleeps over

This evening Annamarie came to play and spend the night.  This is her first sleep over and Morgan’s first time having a friend spend the night.  Loari (Annamarie’s mom) said Annamarie was nervous.  Morgan was excited.  She’s home, so she doesn’t realize how difficult this is going to be for Annamarie.

They played dress up, Mancala (Morgan’s new favorite game), and then made their way outside.  They played with the water guns, baseballs, soccer, swings, etc.  Then they had dinner.  The Quach3 had pasta with pesto and capers, Annamrie had pasta with butter.  They all had garlic bread, lemonade, and edamame.


He LOVES edamames!!!!


After dinner they played red light, green light.


This is a horrible picture — but I couldn’t resist showing you Ethan’s excitement in being able to join the game!  He didn’t have a clue what the rules were but he ran back and forth with M&M and had a BLAST!


After they played out side for a couple of hours (they played a game of hide and seek while I took Ethan in the house for a bath first ), they came in and M&M had a quick shower, then they watched Pinocchio.  Annamarie wanted Sleeping beauty.  Matthew wanted Incredibles.  Morgan wanted Lilo & Stitch.  Ethan repeatd everything Morgan said… so they finally agreed on Pinocchio – a movie Annamarie picked when Matthew insisted he did not want to watch Malificant, the mean witch.  After about 10 minutes into the movie, Annamarie kept asking to go to sleep.  She was sooo tired!  But we had to brush teeth first… and then read a story… and everyone went to their respective rooms.  Of course, Ethan played musical beds.  Matthew slept in his bed and was out within minutes.  At this time, Annamarie called Chris and Loari to say good night.  It was really sweet. She missed them, but put on a very brave front.

Ethan and I slept on the twin bed while the girls whispered to each other in the dark.  Ethan kept saying, “Momma, mommy…” and Annamarie kept saying, “Ethan, be quiet.”  After about 5 minutes, Ethan finally fell asleep.  I had to pretend to sleep so that Annamarie would sleep too.  Morgan fell asleep somewhere between whispering and Ethan trying to talk to me.

And then they ALL finally crashed!  (I then took Ethan out of this room and put him into bed with Matthew.)


We’ll see how they all do in the middle of the night!  I told Annamarie that she could come get me anytime… Keeping my fingers crossed that no one will come get me!  You all know that’s wishful thinking right?  My 3 are ALWAYS coming to get me no matter what day of the week!


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