Posted by: thequaches | September 15, 2009

Off to Preschool

When asked if he was excited, Matthew responded, “Not really.”  Just like that and no more.  He really isn’t excited… I am so shocked!  You would think after being in school all last year and talking about Morgan going to school, etc. that he would look forward to going to his own school!  Nope, he’s just fine without going to school.  Well, the tuition has been paid, he’s going!  🙂

Ironically, this is the same boy 2 years ago whom I had to bribe to leave the classroom so that Morgan could join her preschool class without her baby brother interrupting!  He would walk into the classroom like he owned the place!  He knew where the library books were located, where his favorite book was hiding (Green Eggs and Ham), where the play kitchen was, and where Mrs. Gardner kept the cars and dinosaurs.  Huh… now he’s not so sure about going!  And to top it off, I reminded him that he would have Mrs. Gardner as his teacher.  He knows her!  We’ve visited throughout the school year last year every time we stopped by the library — and you all know that we always make a weekly trip.  She is a wonderful teacher, so “I” am excited for Matthew to go to preschool!

Here he is:

Handsome, isn’t he?


My two goofy boys:  (please do NOT notice my dead plants behind Matthew!)


Leading the way to school:


Play dough – his favorite!  He got in, gave Mrs. Gardner a hug hello (they both remember each other from Morgan’s preschool days!), received his name tag, hung up his backpack, looked in his cubby, and sat down to play!


Ethan tried to make himself at home… I stoppped him immediately because I knew where this would lead!


Then Ethan and I said our good-byes and went to Costco to run our errands.  I then made lunch and brought it back for us to have lunch with Matthew at the park.

Here he is, lined up and ready for pick up!


He made a crown today — but would not pose for a picture!


Overall, he had a great day.  He said they did some work, made a crown, colored in jewels, and played Legos.  He also informed me that his friend Bradon did not listen to the teacher.  He ran around, screamed, and threw the toys.  And apparently some boys made “weapons” (his repeated words from the teacher) and “weapons are not allowed at school!”

Are you excited to go back?  “NO!”  But he had an awesome time getting dirty at the park when we had lunch!  Ethan had a great hour nap while we ate and played.  It was a good day…unfortunately, I was sick and was trying so hard to be tough through the heat and just being out when I really wanted to be home in bed!  I am so tired right now.

Today, my neighbor, Michelle, walked Morgan to school.  I went to bed (early!) with such a huge headache and do not feel any better this morning.  My head is just pounding!!!!  Ethan and I are coughing and sniffling… blowing our noses, etc.  It sure isn’t fun!  I am going to try to rest today while Morgan is at school.  Then I have to muster up enough energy to pick her up  — because I promised!  She was nervous to walk with my neighbor, even though she knows her!  It’s an early day – so we’ll see how we all do!  If I am quiet for a few days – you will know why!



  1. Hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick and have to take care of the kids too…never realized how much easier it’s to be under the weather without kids.

    Funny reading about Matthew’s first day at school. Nathan goes to Audrey’s school acting the same way, like he owns the place. I’m hoping he will be excited about school when it’s his turn. But I get a feeling he won’t be as well behaved as Audrey. We’ll see…

    Yes, Matthew is growing up into a very handsome boy. Look very smart too!

  2. Get well, you guys. I can’t believe that Matthew has started preschool. Now, to figure out how to manage to see you guys with your busy schedule…

  3. See…I told you it wasn’t Ehtan being allergic to my kitties!!

  4. We hope you feel better soon! My kids and I are also battling a cold which is why we’ve been out of touch! Let’s try and schedule a playdate soon!

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