Posted by: thequaches | September 28, 2009

a HOT weekend

Of all the wekends to have an outdoor event.. this was probably not the best one to pick, but, we did it, we got out and joined the crowd… it was dang HOT!  This was a few weekends ago.. September 19, 2009.  The Santa Teresa/Cottle area had a community fest, so we thought we would check it out.  We were driving there when the children recognized the area we were in.  “Mom, this is where Kiran lives! Can Kiran go with us?”  Well, how can I say no?  They have not seen Kiran or Nikash in weeks… so we swung by and paid them a surprise visit.  By luck, they were home and Marailee agreed to go with us – despite the blasted heat!  (She will regret it a few minutes after leaving the house though!)

They saw the bouncy house and hopped right in!


And then my brave little #3 did something new:

He’s observing….


He’s climbing….


Up at the top, big brother is there with a helping hand.  Big sis is a bit shocked that he went on his own!


Big brother making sure he makes it up safely (per mom’s request, that is!).


On the flip side….


Down he comes!


Wahooo, he made it!!!!


Where there are bubbles, my children will be there!


After watching a few different shows, we decided enough was enough.. this heat was killing us… so we walked back home!


Sweaty, hot.. but happy children!  They know that a fruit pop is waiting for them at Marailee’s house!  YUMMMY!  (there’s Marailee putting up a calm front.  She was so miserable in the heat, as was I!)


Later in the evening, we went to Becky’s house for dinner and swimming.  It was THAT hot!  What a relief for them to be in the water.


He didn’t really want to be in the water without me, so he sat on the edge and kicked his feet in the water.


They ended the swimming with a visit to the hot tub.


Audrey made us all laugh by floating on her back the entire time.  It was so cute!



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